A day late because yesterday this womxn was workin her booty off! But Happy International Womxn's Day as its marked on a calendar 💖💖 . . Because lets be real every day is womxn's day when you support ya sistas! ✨✨✨ . #loveatfirstswipelipboss
8 days ago
Sending love & color to all queer/trans/nonbinary babes out here with our existence as our resistance!!! Not only do we deserve to be loved & accepted but we deserve to see our sisters before us who have started movements to be recognized and acknowledged... Blessings to all womxn in the struggle, to my sisters and brothers in prison cells, and to our sisters who have transitioned into another realm.. You are seen, you are acknowledged, and most of all you are loved! #iwd #inernationalwomensday #allwomxn #sistersnotjustcisters #loveourtransfamily #love #youareappreciated #nonbinary #queerfemmes #femmes #blackfemmeart #movements #fuckthebinary #myfutureisnonbinary
9 days ago
Reposting this from the women's march earlier this year. It's important that we recognize our privileges and amplify the voices of those doing work within their own communities. I'm latina and a woman. I am also cis, in a hetero relationship, and am light skinned. My children are half white and white passing. It IS our responsibility to fight and yell and make people uncomfortable when we see injustice. I'm the child of immigrants. I was taught to work hard & keep my head down and be as American as possible. Here I am. teaching my US born kids about their #firstamendment right. 💖#internationalwomensday #womxn #allwomxn #womensday #BLM #SayHerName #SandraBland #EricaGarner #nopinkpussyhattyvm
9 days ago
To quote MCA, “To all the mothers and the sisters and the wives and friends I wanna offer my love and respect till the end” ✨ I hope that EVERY. DAY. we celebrate ALL mixed race, non-white, every race really, LGBTQ, non-cis, non binary, marginalized womxn out there. My dearest womxn friends, fellow entrepreneurs, change makers, teachers, mothers, activists, advocates- I am inspired by you DAILY and so grateful to have you in my life and to learn from the examples you set just by BEING. Tagged a few of my friend-spirations here. You probably already follow them because they are AMAZING. Obvs there are so many more!!! And please, comment below if there's anyone I need to be following/ fanning out on.
9 days ago
You may not always feel it, but you’re strong. You’re beautiful. You’re smart and capable. You’re resilient. You can handle anything if you take it pieces at a time. People love and cherish you. So even if it may not feel like it, today is your day. (And every other day) #womxnempowerment #womensday2018 #allwomxn
9 days ago
9 days ago
happy international womxn’s day! we are celebrating all womxn today and the amazing badassery they put out into the world everyday! so proud of and excited by you all. 💖✨✊🏽😍 • • • #allwomxn #internationalwomensday #intersectionalfeminism #roomforall #lifteachotherup #inittogether
9 days ago
WOMXN WOMXN WOMXN WIMXN WOMXN WOMXN! . . . . . #internationalwomensday #womxn #ALLWOMXN #intersectionalfeminism
9 days ago
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