Stephen Bannon Out at the White House After Turbulent Run - | @nytimes #bannon #outster
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@Regrann from @silly_conservatives - It's not fair to compare Donald To Adolf, Hitler had bigger hands and hated Russia. #RiseOfTheAltReich #AltReich #KKKApproved #AltRightApproved #NaziAmerica #WhatsReallyGoingOn #StopTheFascists #TheRedHatBrigades #MAGA #FuckYouTrump
16 hours ago
It's not fair to compare Donald To Adolf, Hitler had bigger hands and hated Russia. #RiseOfTheAltReich #AltReich #KKKApproved #AltRightApproved #NaziAmerica #WhatsReallyGoingOn #StopTheFascists #TheRedHatBrigades #MAGA #FuckYouTrump
19 hours ago
Threats- another #altreich reich #tactic UNAFRAID Veterans should know better- they fight for the CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY not the symbolism that is the flag. #yesyoureracist
1 day ago
Don't get 'free speech' confused with 'inciting hate'. #GoodNightAltRight #altReich #HistoryRepeating #MAGA #MAGAfail #YaBlewIt
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1 day ago
Dear KKK and the like, You hate those that don't share the same skin color, yet we all share the same anatomy; should you ever need your life saved, organs can function interracially. You hate, "violent colored savages," yet you share the same taste for violence you perceive your enemies to have. You use these violent crimes as your megaphone to show the "animal-like" ways of your enemy, yet historically and statistically you commit the most crimes against your own people. You condemn terrorism by those who praise Allah, yet you commit the same crimes in the name of Jesus. You preach freedom of speech, yet you cry foul when others speak their truth. You enjoy the freedom of our country, the country being protected by 40% racial and ethnic military minority groups. You idolize past heroes in history who shared your beliefs, yet you fail to recognize that they have lost time and time again. You say only God can judge you, yet you judge others based solely on the color of their skin. How can intelligent people be so contradictory? If the goal is to have a "pure" nation and put the country back where it belongs, give up the guns invented by Chinese, drop the phones and cameras made in Korea, strip yourself of the clothes whose textiles are from India, stop accepting social security, welfare and using the roads that minorities contribute to, stop eating the food and listening to the music rooted in black culture, remove the tattoos rooted in brown culture, stop using mailboxes, security cameras, and accepting donated blood which were invented by black people, then give the land back to Native Americans so you can go back to Europe where you came from. Sincerely, One of those chinks P.S. I'm sorry that you haven't been taught the strength to combat the feelings of hate imbedded into you by past generations. I'm sorry that no one was there to show you the difference between right and wrong and how to be a decent human being. I'm sorry that you live in a constant state of unrest feeling distain for those you can't stand. I'm sorry that you haven't felt enough love and acceptance in your life to be able to share this with your fellow man. I feel sorry for you. #usa
2 days ago
Oh.. and just so we have all our numbers; Antifa: ZER0. #manysides #altreich #altwhite #whitetrashhouse #grandwizardinchief
2 days ago
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