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On This Day in History January 18, 1782: Legendary figure in American politics during the early to mid 19th century, Daniel Webster (January 18, 1782 - Oct 24, 1852) was born in Salisbury (Now Franklin), New Hampshire. Webster’s resume is a laundry list of positions held. He was a lawyer who served two terms in the United States House of Representatives as a representative of New Hampshire (March 4, 1813 – March 3, 1817) and later Massachusetts (March 4, 1823 – May 30, 1827.) Webster served as United Senator Massachusetts from June 8, 1827 – February 22, 1841. President William Henry Harrison selected Webster to be his Secretary of State in 1841 and remained as Secretary of State under Harrison’s successor John Tyler through 1843. Webster would become Secretary of State again, this time under Millard Fillmore from July 23, 1850 – October 24, 1852. In doing so, Webster would be the first of two (along with James G. Blaine) to serve as Secretary of State under three presidents. Webster also sought the presidential nomination in 1836, 1840 and 1852 as the Whig Party candidate. #DanielWebster #PoliticalHistory #AmericanPoliticalHistory #CongressionalHistory #19thCenturyHistory #WhigParty #AmericanHistory #USHistory #OnThisDayinHistory #ThisDayinHistory #HistoryToday #TodayinHistory #History #Historia #Histoire #HistorySisco
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The [White] Americanstate sponsor of terrorism in El Salvador Resulted in the rape of [probably Black] women in El Salvador. The terror experienced caused a wave of immigration where El Salvadoran people risked life and family to immigrate to the United States through xenophobic Mexicans who viewed El Salvadoran migrant workers as a low-wage worker who threatened their job security. #METOO #blacknationalism #divideandconquer #democraticsocialism #historylesson #Americanpoliticalhistory
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L2151N I have always held a fascination with American history. A history full of great moments and great contradictions. A quest for freedom for some, yet denial of the rights of others. I was pleased to come across this first edition volume of R.M. Devens "Our First Century" (1776 - 1876) ' One Hundred years of Memorable Events' published by C. A. Nichols & Co., Springfield, Mass. It covers the momentous Political, Military, Mechanical, Social, Scientific and Commercial development over the 100 preceding years. It is a leather bound book of 1007 pages, illustrated by Fred Juengling with hundreds of steel engravings and is in very good condition. It is available for sale at Newlyn Antiques & Cottage Garden Nursery for $200.00. #americanhistory #ourfirstcentury #1876 #americanpoliticalhistory #americanmilitaryhistory #americanscientifichistory #rmdevens #fredjuengling #steelengraving #visitdaylesford #visitballarat #visitnewlyn #newlynantiques
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On This Day in History April 23, 1813: American politician and one of the greatest orators and debaters in American History, Stephen A. Douglas (April 23, 1813 - June 3, 1861) is born in Brandon, Vermont. Douglas’ seven debates against Abraham Lincoln during the during the 1858 Illinois state elections for Senate are stuff of legends. #StephenADouglas #LincolnDouglasDebates #PoliticalHistory #AmericanPoliticalHistory #AmericanHistory #USHistory #OnThisDayinHistory #ThisDayinHistory #HistoryToday #TodayinHistory #History #Historia #Histoire #HistorySisco
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​Set of 5 GOP (Republican) Political Cartoons on 3 separate sheets from "The Literary Digest" 1916. Each clipping is approximately 5" x 7" *good condition- no rips - no odor *SHIPPING* -Zero shipping costs for added-on items -Original antique paper comes sleeved and boarded for protection *all papers from gospelhymnsvintage.etsy.com come in rigid mailers for protection ​
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