There is so much to love about #BrooklynNineNine (why hasn’t #AndreBraugher won an Emmy for his impeccably deadpan performance as Captain Holt?), but what makes the show feel more necessary than ever is that every episode, at its core, is about people helping each other. Click the link in our bio to read why the FOX series deserves to be renewed for another season. 📷: John P. Fleenor/FOX
2 hours ago
friendly reminder to not check up on ur exes bc i just did for the first time in nearly a year and now im sad
3 hours ago
jtv s4e13 spoilers DONT READ unless ur caught up - - oh my god i fucking KNEW it was krishna im screaming also i knew xo was lying ha im amazing but i wish i werent why does she have cancer dkkdkd im gonna cry also i lowkey wonder if someone set krishna up bc ye even tho petras a bitch to her krishna isnt that bad and her note seemed kinda weird and i. i dont know im just AAA
3 hours ago
what is with me and procrastinating recently i hate adhd why cant my meds just work and not b dicks im sick of thiS
4 hours ago
6 hours ago
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