he's changed so muuuuch ▪️ ▫️ ▪️ ▫️ ▪️ ▫️ cr: [sergeant-santiago on tumblr]
1 minute ago
i’m just off to cry okay rosa being bi is the best thing that’s ever happened to me for realz i only have 1.5 days left of school till christmas hols yES !!! fully cannot wait i hate school so much jsjsjsj qotd; do you have a real or fake christmas tree (if you have one)? aotd; real!! we but real ones every year and we’ve never had a fake one before! { #brooklynninenine #brooklyn99 #b99 #saveb99 #b99season6 #andysamberg #andrebraugher #raymondholt #rayholt #captainholt #jakeperalta #peraltiago #amysantiago #melissafumero #rosadiaz #stephaniebeatriz #charlesboyle #joelotruglio #terryjeffords #terrycrews #chelseaperetti #ginalinetti }
24 minutes ago
Rosa Diaz saved 2k17
34 minutes ago
3 hours ago
someone should count how many times it's said ▪️ ▫️ ▪️ ▫️ ▪️ ▫️ cr: [going-banannas on tumblr]
6 hours ago
When you’ve been bingeing b99 for the whole day and try to get off the couch
8 hours ago
i truly dont understand why ppl think aces are incapable of acknowledging physical beauty like no sharon i dont want to fuck her but shes a goddess and i would willingly let her murder me and i think thats at least a little more romantic than wanting a dick in my mouth
9 hours ago
i finally redyed my hair !!!
9 hours ago
My sister stole my spot on the couch and now I can’t watch b99 ™️
10 hours ago
yall the dude who plays kevin cozner is in the good place !! my dad
13 hours ago
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