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| i've watched this from afar & thought about a few things as it transpired. one, she is an idiot for supporting the '#cheetoinchief' & two, she is a #blackwoman; despite her dumb azz #political choices. i mean, this is the same chick who said : 'every critic, every detractor, will have to bow down to #presidenttrump. it's everyone who's ever doubted donald, who ever disagreed, who ever challenged him. it is the ultimate revenge to become the most powerful man in the universe'. i was like bow down? #foh this is not a #mack10, #icecube & #dubc song w/ the #westsideconnection. now, she again is doing the most from beefing w/ #robinroberts of #gma (#goodmorningamerica) who told her '#byefelicia' which cracked me up just like when #angelarye busted out laughing on cnn. it also made me laugh when she said she was trying to look out for 'her people'. i literally looked around the room like what people is she referring to? i mean, she may now be looking to come out of her '#sunkenplace' & back to '#thedarkside' since she got #putout before she could #getout! by now inviting minister #farrakhan (#louisfarrakhan) to the white house on her way out. she is also proclaiming she will 'tell all' in reference to what she didn't like while there. yeah, don't bet on that. those security clearances are a mutha, trust. do you feel she was really trying to make a difference for #blackpeople in her position or just #sellingout to get a spot in the white house? i guess we (really she) never thought a #black woman could be a #mammy & a #jezebel at the same dhaymn time but #omarosamanigualtstallworth outdid herself. how did omarosa think this was going to end? i want y'all to think about this. she shamed her family, sold out her community, turned her back on her country & ultimately the the for a job she thought would last for four years (it only lasted one). insert the thriller laugh now. #omarosa sold herself like a two dollar..., nevermind. now she's a pariah. the moral of the story is never let money dictate your morals; & never forget to mind the company you keep as clearly there is no honor among thieves.
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Had an amazing time at the #DREAMBIGIE conference. Thank you to @teameloisereyes for putting a dope event together. Excellent hosting by @darrellfryejr and crazy dope TED Talk from @jrodriguez3jr Let’s do it again soon!!! #tedtalk #INLANDEMPIRE #conference #professionalsunder30 #professorsunder30 #eloisereyes #angelarye @angelarye #publicspeaker #motivationalspeaker
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#Repost via @theshaderoom . . . #AngelaRye Tells Omarosa Bye 😄😄
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I had to add #AngelaRye
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Hmmph! And it continues...The bully gets bullied. Say "Omarosaparks"🤣😂 Karma is something else. This is too funny, CNN with all the jokes. If the lady was a lost soul I would be more sympathetic, but she just "souled out" ...$$. How "Stephens" of her, So sad #aprilryan #symonesanders #angelarye #brookebaldwin #karma #cnn no copyright infringement is intended, I acknowledge the image & video clips derive from CNN.
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Omarosa claims that she resigned but the streets are talking, and they say she got the boot. Now that Omarosa's been kicked to the curb by the Trump administration, she's out here campaigning to get invited back to the cookout but nobody (and I mean nobody) is here for it. Head over to kontrolmag.com for the full article and to see what @robinrobertsgma @whoopigoldberg and @angelarye had to say about the situation. Here's a hint...the common theme is #ByeFelicia! _______________________ Written by Nicci Page of @realglowandflow _______________________ #yourefired #escortedout #crymeariver #werenotinterested #youagain #girlbye #laydownwithdogs #getupwithfleas #youreskinfolk #notkinfolk #missme #deuces #nocookoutforyou #omarosa #angelarye #robinroberts #whoopigoldberg
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