The #insidious series has veered wildly in quality throughout it's previous 3 entries, the original proving to be one of the only truly creepy horror film's in recent years with the great ideas that lost it's way a little in its closing scenes, sadly the follow-up played on those weaker scenes making it a frankly poor sequel while number 3 went some way to revitalising things & had some disturbing elements, if hardly original... sadly this fourth & hopefully (but uniikely) final entry is easily the worst yet, in fact it may well be one of the weakest big-screen horror releases in recent years, the apple has indeed fallen far form the tree! #iChoosing to focus more & more on the psychic played by #linshaye as the series has gone on is less problematic than the choice to up the screen-time of her side-kicks Tucker & Specs (Spec's being played by writer & series co-creator #leighwhannell, meaning there's really no excuse!), used sparingly in earlier entries they are here bumped up to major players, this is something that proves to be one of the worst decisions of the franchise thus far,,, The level of 'comedy' they bring was welcome amidst the overbearing dread of the original film, giving the tone levity at times it was needed, the balance between scares & laughs balance well, alas here they do nothing short of scupper the entire endeavour, turning what may have been just another jump scare horror into a live action Scooby-Doo story... minus the dog! None of the antics (yes antics is the most appropriate word sadly) they get up to even raise a smile, more groan after groan, the best thing this does is serve to hide a story that makes not a jot of sense, failing to exist even within the rules the series set out for itself concerning the further. Attempts are made to craft some back story for Shaye's character, unfortunately these are awfully put together & none of it makes any sense within the context of the wider story, everything that happens is a laughable coincidence & worse than that none of it, not even the jump scares, are scary. The best thing that can be said of the total mis-step is that they devised a fairly disturbing new ghost/creature in KeyFace but
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Updated and ranking of my Top 6-10 Favorite Films from 2017: I, Tonya definitely had to make this list. Great movie with fantastic performances!! 6) Thor: Ragnarok 7) I,Tonya 8) Justice League 9) Annabelle Creation 10) Happy Death Day #thorragnarok #itonya #justiceleague #annabellecreation #happydeathday #filmsof2017 #2017 #comedy #action #horror #suspense #marvel #dcmovies #dccomics #movielover
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Looks like Annabelle wants to swim #annabelle #annabellecreation
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Looks like Annabelle wants to eat with Eleven or 011#annabellecreation#strangerthings
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‏ ‏ ‏ ‏ ‏ ‏ ‏ ‏ ‏ ‏ ‏ ‏ شنو افضل واقوى فيلم رعب شفتوه بحياتكم 👻☠️؟ what was your best horror movie you had watched in your life ☠️👻? ‏ ‏ ‏ ‏ ‏ ‏ ‏ ‏ ‏ ‏ ‏ ‏ ‏ ‏ ‏ مع اني مو حيل محبة لافلام الرعب بس‏ بالنسبة لي فيلم the others وفيلم the conjuring ومفكره اشوف الفيلم التركي Siccin بس للحين ماتجرأت 😂💔💔 ‏ ‏ ‏ ‏ ‏ ‏ ‏ ‏ ‏ #saw #theconjuring #siccin #anabelle#annabellecreation #cultofchucky #insidious#insidiouslastkey #theothers #mama #horrormovies
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Beautiful Drawing By @miz_no_8ight #AnnabelleCreation #ITMovie
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so last year but this are the movies i watched in 2017 💥 #assasinscreed #monstertruck #tripleXmovie , not your R21 explicit content XXX @lifemovieofficial #babyboss #guardiansofthegalaxyvol2 #despicableme3 #wonderwoman #annabellecreation #hitmansbodyguard #luckylogan @imsebastianstan 💓 hashtag # dragon something idk the title but it is a Chinese movie #cruxifixion (it is basically The Nun) and #thorragnarok AYE SHOUTOUT TO @marvel @marvelstudios
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