—“I love you, Ronnie” Archie said. He waited a second, feeling her gaze on the back of his head. They both sat up quickly and looked at each other...but she never said it back.
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—(Spoilers For Riverdale!) How did you feel about this episode? I personally liked it. I get that they made a “teenage” girl pole dance in front of a bunch of guys but like??? It’s a gang so idk what you expected??? Did you think she was gonna have to pick daises or smthn? BUT I STILL GET YOUR CONCERN I JUST WSIH PEOPLE WOULD CHILL. It’s a show. I feel like it added another dimension to Betty’s character.
3 hours ago
- Cheryl overreacted a little but it was still weird the janitor just walked in without knocking or anything 😬 - q: thoughts on this scene? comment!
7 hours ago
- I couldn’t tell what Cheryl said but xenomorphs is my best guess😂 - q: how has your weekend been?
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This episode is my least fav for so many reasons.. ♡ ♡ Qotd-What's your least fav episode of riverdale? ♡ ♡ Sorry it's blurry ♡ ♡ #riverdale #riverdaleedit #riverdaleposts #netfli #netflixandchill #bettycooper #bettyriverdale #lilireinhart #lilireinhartedit #bettycooperedit #archieandrews #archieriverdale #kjapa #kjapaedit #archieandrewsedit #barchieedit #barchie
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I’ve honestly been a fan of barchie since day 1, how do you feel about this scene? - - - - - #archieriverdale #barchie #betty #archie #kjapa #lilireinhart #episode8 #love
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