This saturday... we are coming back with our fundraising event : Creation. Would you like to change yourself for one day? Are you curious to discover your Undergrowth identity ? Or how to create different realities using organic tools? Get ready ! -3 to our fundraising event ! So much to discover ... Check link in bio for the event London, Nw6, h.19.30
4 minutes ago
En el taller con @marcelo_peirano_artist trabajando para nuestra siguiente Expo el 4 de Julio 2018 en La Galería. #nuevaexpo #colectivopeiranokahn #artcollective #art #newexpo #artstudio #taller #workinprocess
5 minutes ago
Thats why I’m in NJ with the rest of the rejects LOL 😜🤣😜🤣
7 minutes ago
Stoked to send this little guy off to a collector in Atlanta today! DM me if you’re interested in any small or large works. 🙏❤️🙏
6 minutes ago
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