Kami bukan bekerja.. Tapi kami coba membuat karya. Trima kasih teman untuk hari ini. Selamat tidur dan istirahat. Besok kita lanjutkan apa yg terbaik yg bisa kita lakukan. A powerfull quote by @bungns17 and In frame photos @liawaode for #rapicture #film #movie #indonesiacinema #indonesiamovie #bts #behindthescenes #artworker #artoflive
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"a Child has been born for us, a Son is given to us; authority rest upon Him; and He's named Jesus"-isaiah 9:6 and matthew 1:25 ❤️ • • • • note: find the 'Christmas' word in the gold ink :)
21 minutes ago
. T Shirt + Sablon . Cotton combed 30s Rubber ink . ------------------- More Info 08995449186
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