Hey guys! Welcome to my confessions account. This is not my first account, I've had one before, Riverdale related too, but instagram deleted it. Please respect everyone and feel free to DM me some confessions :)
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Am I the only one who thinks Archie didn't give that necklace to Ronnie ??? . Look at Archie he is totally clueless why Ronnie called him outside. . I feel like its either Hiram and Hermoine OR Cheryl who did this with a hidden purpose. Someone was taking pictures also when they kissed in the end. . Also I wanna say I am sick of people bullying each other , of personal attacks just stop this please. Enough is enough. . . . . . . Tags #barchie #bettycooper #archieandrews #jugheadjones #veronicalodge #cherylblossom #lilireinhart #kjapa #camilamendes #colesprouse #madelainepetsch #josiemccoy #charlesmelton #ashleighmurray #reggiemantle #kevinkeller #caseycott #riverdale #blackhood
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— 1.01 • i love this scene so much. — Deslize para o lado para ver em português. Obs; a tradução está exatamente como as falas dubladas.
20 minutes ago
2.09 thoughts on veronica?
48 minutes ago
2.03 i don’t believe the janitor is the Black Hood Thoughts on my statement? Follow (@rivvverdale) for more🥀
1 hour ago
2.09 ❦ ➳ that ain’t santa
1 hour ago
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