My thoughts on snow: delicious My thoughts on this outfit: embarrassing
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Are we doing secret Santa this year? Because i accidentally bought unsalted butter. ______ This year thanks to @chesneythecorgi we were able to participate in a secret Santa. And we received something way cooler than unsalted butter! @ivyrose_sheltie sent us each a toy and we got two bags of treats!! We’re so excited and can’t wait to ship out our secret Santa gift this week!! . . ↡↡↡ ↡↡↡ . . . 🛍️Discount Codes 🛍️ • EASTMOON - @dogonthemoon • EASTCOAST15 - @kodasropes • EASTCOAST15 - @kensiearnolddesigns • EASTCOAST10 - @willowear • EASTCOAST15 - @dapperinthecity • EASTCOAST10 - @mischiefmadedesigns . . FC: 6784 _________ dogsofinstagram #instagramdogs #dogoftheday #dogstagram #photooftheday #australiancattledog #heelergram #dogoftheday #instadog #dogstagram #blueheeleroftheday #instadogs #blueheelerworld #instaheeler #petsofinstagram #bestwoof #ilovemyblueheeler #blueheelersofinstagram #petscorner #litafcrew #nikon #photooftheday #heelergram #dogsthathike #dogsthathike #dogsthatexplore #dogsofpennsylvania #pupquail3 #secretsantapaws2017
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Happy Adoptiversary, Red! A year ago we met you on a snowy sidewalk outside the adoption event that I just had to drag us to. You were the one dog that Frey got along with so I signed all your papers, picked you up and took you home. You have certainly made life more eventful, for the better..most times we can look back and laugh. You came home with 3 intestinal parasites, terrible separation anxiety, and were a stray learning to live in a house. I had never been so frustrated with a dog and had to constantly remind myself that we’re your everything for the first time in your little life and I wouldn’t change you for the world. You have the most childish curiosity that makes you so innocent and easily entertained. And you remind me everyday to enjoy the little things. You have touched so many in your year here but most importantly, you are Frey’s best friend and you make me the proudest momma 😍❤️ #happyadoptiversary #Red #australiancattledog #rescuedogsofinstagram
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I'm the new WA for the @qutspu team 🤸🏽‍♀️thanks for hanging out with me @tessa.flanders
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