another kiwi thing: i love how much everyone loves rugby!! i dont even really care abt sports and i dont care heaps about rugby usually but we rock and we will kick ur ass honestlY // #mazisakiwi
17 minutes ago
a kiwi mood™️ is planning to go out and then fucking around for an hour (is this a thing now? yes it is. i wanna talk abt new zealand because we are in fact a country and no i dont fuck sheep) #mazisakiwi
1 hour ago
of ur gonna argue about this please be civil oh my god
1 hour ago
im gonna paint my ukelele !!
2 hours ago
sorry i havent been posting as much the past few days im saving the posts i have bc of the stupid hiatus yike
2 hours ago
Season:5 Episode:11 • • • • • • #brooklyn99 #jakeperalta #amysantiago #rosadiaz #charlesboyle #hitchcockandscully #raymondholt #b99season6 @iamstephbeatz @melissafumero @terrycrews @joelotruglio @thelonelyisland @chelsanity
3 hours ago
i have the option to go down to palmerston north with my uncle and stay there for a few days and come back thursday ? but idk if i should because 1) ill be w out my cat 2) my evil grandmother lives there 3) the wifi is shitty 4) the weather is shitty but i also lowkey wanna go to hang out w some people down there so that being said, does anyone live in palmerston north, nz, wanna hang out in the next few days? 👀👀
4 hours ago
my cat is 90% fur and 5% ears and 80% bees
4 hours ago
wow im gay and i love cats
4 hours ago
stephanie is such an amazing actress ▪️ ▫️ ▪️ ▫️ ▪️ ▫️ cr: [detectiverosabiaz on tumblr]
5 hours ago
She makes me somewhat gay #brooklyn99#b99season6#peraltiago
5 hours ago
5 hours ago
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