Cut-Up Confession #39: I am impermanent, imperfect, important, here 💥❤️ #notcondoningviolence #flaregun
13 minutes ago
If you have picked up a bad ass women calendar yet, you can get one at the Yards tomorrow! @usandweart Joey will be there along with many other awesome artists #badasswomen #2018calendar #illustration #art
17 minutes ago
I feel passionate about @rachaelmaddox's work. She is working to empower and heal people after sexual trauma -- to replace our rape culture with a culture of consent. How many #metoo stories are there? So many. Too many. But we can change that together. Women (and all folks) are rising up and saying, "Enough!" I feel so empowered every time a powerful man is called out and held accountable. The rules of the game are changing, and that's a good thing. And also, we still have work to do. I want to offer matching pledges for Rachael's Kickstarter to fund her new book: Sex After Trauma. I will match up to $200 in pledges. My match can help you reach a reward level you might not otherwise have been able to pledge. For example, if you want the Duo Book Bundle (audio, ebook, and physical copy of both of Rachael's books), you pledge half the amount (e.g. $37) under "Sexual Healing Solidarity," and I'll add the other half (e.g. $38) to my pledge. Then I give Rachael your info so she knows we paired up to earn you that reward. DM or email ( me a screenshot of your pledge along with your full name and contact info and the reward level we're teaming up for. Then I will match your pledge and pass along your information to Rachael so you will get the pledge reward we paired up to make. Kickstarter only accepts full dollar amounts as pledges, so for reward levels at odd dollar amounts (e.g. $25), you can pledge the higher (e.g. $13) or lower (e.g. $12) "half" and I'll cover the other. Whichever you are capable of! After I've reached my maximum matching amount, you can still let me know about your pledge to be entered to win one of two tarot readings from me. Everyone who pledges and sends me a picture of their pledge, whether I match your pledge or not, will be entered to win a tarot reading. -- Of course if I'm matching your pledge and you do not wish to be entered, just let me know. Together, we can change the world. And I truly believe that Rachael's book is one powerful way to reach for that change. Blessings and light to each of you! . . 💚💙💜 Photos courtesy of @rachaelmaddox . #sexaftertrauma #trauma #healing #sexualhealing #kickstarter
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Had a little Charlie shoot with my parents today. Here's the first photo (and definitely one of my favorites from the shoot). Photo taken by @rondegroot65 and edited by me. #Charlie #charliebradbury #charliebradburycosplay #charliecosplay #badassfemalecharacter #badasswomen #supernatural #supernaturalcosplay #cosplay #spn #spnfamily #spnfandom #spnfans #spncosplay #dutchcosplay #dutchgirl #dutch #tvseries #redhair #shorthair #plaid #plaidshirt
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OH HELLO ROCHESTER would you like a Badass Women Calendar? I'm over here at Equal Grounds with an imaginary dog and yummy coffee until 2 😃 #whatagreatgiftidea #badasswomen #rochester #lastminutegifts #BadassWomenCalendar
1 hour ago
If there’s one thing I have been truly grateful for in 2017, it’s meeting & getting to know these incredible women! @thenewhollywoodwomen #TNH #changemakers #badasswomen #charity #support #empowerment #kindnessmatters #gratefulheart
2 hours ago
Calling all local nova ladies!! Today is the day!!!! I am hosting the very first WOMENS WELLNESS meeting! This is a monthly meeting where local ladies can get together & talk about women’s health & wellness! This group exists to empower women and support and teach each other about how to find ultimate wellness in each of our lives. Any and all women are invited, women of any age! Feel free to bring your mom your sister your cousin your cousins cousin or your BFF! There will be coffee, tea, cheese and crackers and even some home made cupcakes! I hope to see you all there! Type in Joe’s Cafe on your directions app if you need to know how to get there! See you all at 4pm! 😬🖤🖤🖤 #womenswellness #womenempowerment #badasswomen
2 hours ago
Prepare to be Obsessed Hybrid Calendar Day 20. 21 Day Fix - Dirty 30 ✔️ . I love love working my upper body. Any time I get to play with weights I am a happy girl.
2 hours ago
It’s time for a new adventure, badasses✨💜 There’s no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this 💫 #saturdayvibes
2 hours ago
So I recently heard this on a Podcast and it really resonated with me. “It’s not about talent or skill, it’s about your work ethic and the passion that drives you to get out of the bed in the morning. No amount of talent is ever going to outdo the hard worker. “ : : When I first started my fitness journey it was hard and I tended to shy away from certain exercises. I would convince myself that I just wasn’t fit enough to do that program. Then one day I decided I was gonna stop watching other people crush their goals. So I set my own goal and I worked my butt off to reach it and once I did I set a new goal! Eventually those exercises that I thought were SO hard became a little easier. : : My advice to you is stop thinking you’re not good enough and go out and find YOUR passion. I found mine in health and fitness and the joy I get from helping others do the same!
2 hours ago
Excited to stomp around on another @badasswomenphotos session in San Francisco today 🌳🤗📷 #badasswomenphotos #sanfrancisco
2 hours ago
You don't have to wait until January 1st. Your resolution|revolution begins NOW.💪🏻 . . . . DON'T FORGET! Our HOLIDAY SALE is happening now and only comes once a year! Snag our best deals before they're gone!!
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