⠀ ⠀ They said we didn’t deserve to be there. They said we weren’t a top 4 team. They said the dynasty was over. They were wrong. ⠀ (Getty Images/Jamie Squire)
14 hours ago
Is AJ McCarron the Best Alabama QB of All-Time?
18 hours ago
What overall pick will Minkah Fitzpatrick go in the Draft?
1 day ago
I was in a "Marathon" gas station in Panama City Beach, Florida recently.. I was looking for a protein shake since my appetite was poor this day... I was totally tickled to death when I went to get the muscle milk and discovered... Ha?! #Look at that #crimsonandwhite #beauty right there baby😍... I'm in FLORIDA & #alabama is the ONLY team in THIS particular cooler worthy of its own muscle milk, evidently.. Im sure Auburn, Florida, and FSU fans wanting muscle milk didnt just ROLL THEIR EYES when they saw this, but most likely got so turned off they prolly bought the off brand protein shake in the store..lol And me? Well I'm a die hard, loyal #bama fan, #proud & #loud member of our beloved #bamanation we #adore our #alabamaboys ..So what do I do?? I stop to take pictures of the most #beautiful muscle milk bottle label my eyes have ever seen 😍😍😍#ua #football #rtr #crimsontide #rammerjammer gets hollered on the regular 😉 #rolltide #rolltideroll #nationalchampions 17 times.. You either #love Alabama or you hate us... What can i say tho?? Its lonely at the top, but we manage 😘😌❤️
1 day ago
Our Beloved Head Coach Nick Saban, what a season! Roll Tide
1 day ago
Sometimes you wear a shirt that’s a few years old just to remind yourself that you’ve won four more since then. #BamaNation
2 days ago
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