Water is the driving force of all nature...😉
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Best part after speaking to kids. #inspire #empower #motivation #inspiration #believe #the future #dream
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One thing is for sure, you can't say that it isn't a compelling argument. Take a look around you, where is God? For all you people who say he's right here, none of you are sitting in squalor, none of you don't have a refrigerator where you can go in and get food. None of you are in fear of militants or gorillas storming into your house tonight. It seems funny to me, that the ones who think God exists so much, are the ones that are doing so well in life, meabing eating, drinking, and safe with shelter. While half around the globe, people are starving to death being shot and killed and persecuted, no place to live and you have the audacity to think that God is good just because you have a good life??? You really need to check yourself and wake up. . This isn't to say that I do not believe in a Creator, but maybe the Creator only creates. Did you ever think of that? All you Jesus Freaks think God died for your sins, but what about the people who are dying and starving to death? I mean you just don't get it. You have this two-sided view of what you think God and your religion is, while you simply avoid the real facts because you live in a vacuum. News flash! If your God and your religion doesn't apply across the world to everyone, then it's fake! Fake! . YOU'RE NOT BLESSED OVER A STARVING CHILD IN A POVERTY COUNTRY JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE A GOOD LIFE IN A DEVELOPED NATION! WAKE THE FUCK UP PPL! A GOD WHO PUNISHES A STARVING BABY WHO HAS NEVER SINNED AND REWARDS PPL WHO SIN EVERYDAY IS FAKE, FALSE, AND/OR FUCKED UP IN THE HEAD!!! YEAH I SAID IT AND KEEP SAYING IT AND AM STILL HERE BREATHING PPL. WAAAAAAKE UUUUUUPPP! . #god #love #jesus #faith #bible #life #christian #blessed #peace #instagood #hope #pray #art #christ #music #happy #church #holyspirit #grace #nature #jesuschrist #beautiful #photography #instagram #deus #spiritual #believe #prayer #follow #motivation
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