•Why I Enjoy Exercise• ~ Moving your body is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. That’s nothing new, we all know that and most of us know that we don’t move enough at times. Yeah I love the way it makes me feel and look, that’s a given. But mostly, I love movement and exercise for the same reason I love other aspects of my health and wellness, control ~ I love knowing I am in control of how much I do or don’t move my body. How intense I go, the frequency, the type of moves, it’s all within my control. That’s the awesome part about fitness, we can control a lot of things about it, yet we always choose to focus on things we can’t control. ~ Most of the time we obsess over the number on the scale or the look in the mirror a.k.a things we can’t control. The weight on the bar isn’t in your control, but your effort is. The size of clothes that fit isn’t something you can really decide, but your commitment is. ~ So my question to you is this, what are you going to decide to focus on? Will you let those things outside your control decide your actions? Or will you focus your actions on those things you actually control? Going live tonight to talk more about those things in our control. Let me know in the comments what you’ve decided to take control of in your life.
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DETERMINED 🧠 Have you ever had a dream or a goal and felt as if the world was a distraction? I have and the way I deal with it is shutting it all off. Having a laser beam focus on my path and walking along it without missing a step. . Separation is one of the most hardest accomplishments to come by now a days. The amount of sacrifices sometimes look sketchy, but you have to visualize the outcome. . Once you can see the dream you can BE THE DREAM! 📷 by @ehler_tha . . #iam1stphorm  #1stphorm#legionofboom, #1stphormathletesearch, #bethe1, #wedothework #duespaid #fitfam #instafit #fitspo #fitspiration #fitstagram #bodybuilder #bodybuilding #gym #fitnessinspiration #motivation #fitness #lifting #shredded #backworkout #vascular #sundayfunday #gymrats #gains #sandiegopersonaltrainer #sandiegofitness #npcphysique #npc
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The team has made it to Khumjung village!! Hopefully, the cloud coverage will dissipate soon and MT. Everest will be seen tomorrow! I am so proud of this incredible man! I will ask that all my pray warriors keep him and the rest of the team in your thoughts and prays. They are 16k feet we don't want attitude sickness. God going to do amazing things over there. One of the things that I have always love about Ben. He said once "God gave me this strong body and I want to use it for his will." We had been praying for missions trip and this one was it so many doors open for him. God is so good!!! #wanderlusters #trekking #mteverest #missionary #wanderluster #explore #bepassion #dream #bethe1#neversettle #grow #lovewhatyoudo #support #hope #passionforpassport#inspiration #
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You cannot sit back with the mentality of “why me?” When you adapt that, and make it your life, you are putting yourself into a scenario where you are never going to come out on top. The constant thought of why me, why did this happen to me is going to get you nowhere and will eventually put you into a place where you are unhappy, and always having a negative mindset! 👌🏻 . . . When I was up at my highest weight, nearing 360, I had that exact mentality. Why me? Why did I let myself get to this point, why was I fat, why was I unhappy, and at that time I was at the end of a long relationship and only blaming myself. Hell, I even wanted to end my own life because of that freaking thought. It’s only when I stepped back, and threw out that mentality and those thoughts that I truly knew and understand what my goal was, what life was at the time, and what the hell I had to do to change it. That mindset is toxic, and should never be something you adapt to your own life. It’s not going to get you anywhere you truly want to be. 💪🏻 . . Use code DankFit for 10% off at @dedfit_apparel 💪🏻 . . . #healthy #health #dankfitness #lifting #lifting #fit #fitness #fitnessmotivation #transformation #lifting #lift #nevergiveup #everforward #workout #weightloss #weightlossjourney #workoutmotivation #iam1stphorm, #1stphorm, #legionofboom, #1stphormathletesearch, #bethe1 #wedothework #weightlifting #strong #muscle #patience #success #DedFit #DDFT
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Prep My Life Sunday: I spent a lot of time yesterday just catching up on home stuff and time with the family. It was a really awesome and much-needed day! . Today it's time to start my week. The end of the week will take me to STL for a weekend with my Warrior Team, and I can't WAIT!! But that means I have to maximize my time from now until when I leave, and part of that means meal prepping, so I save HOURS each night and stay on track these last 3 weeks of the @1stphorm Transphormation Challenge! . A few things I'm including this week are crock pot flank steak (thanks @jenna_fail for the recipe) and some protein cookies. I'll be posting the cookie recipe later, so stay tuned! . What's on your meal prep list for this week? Drop some ideas below! Anyone who comments, follows me, and follows @1stphorm will be registered to win a 1stPhorm gift card! I'll draw a winner on Wed! You still have 3 more days to order through my link to be registered for my February gift card drawing too! That's ✌🏻chances to win in the next 3️⃣days! 🙌🏻💙 . #transphormation #momlife #mealprep #mealplan #fatloss
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Being sisters.. means you always have back up 🙊😉💜 Hope you're all having a phabulous weekend! What has been the highlight of .. oh, let's say the last.. week and a half? 😊 #itsbrielle #phamily #legionofboom #sistersforlife . . . . . . #1stphorm #iam1stphorm #bethe1 #fitfam #MakeKindnessNormal #wedothework #iifym #inkedbabes #girlswhoride #fitnessaddict #motochicks #jeepgirl #chivette #strongisthenewskinny #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation #fitspo #bodybuilding #fitfreak
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#ForeverStrong 💪🏼 — I really want to take a moment today to thank everyone who has supported me and continues to support me through this weird thing I got roped into called life — As I get older, I'm learning you can’t conquer everything on your own. You simply can’t go through life with the weight of the world bottled up inside you; Eventually you break — There are days like today where I feel like complete shit and question what the next month or few months have in store for me, but all too familiar guidance from my coach saying to “remain objective” and “stay focused” pulls me back to the ground — You see, @nicktongstrong isn’t just some jacked & shreddy dude that tells me what to eat and which of my muscle groups are small (sure at the surface it may seem that way but ... I digress.) Yes, I’m stronger physically because of him but I’ve gained much much more than that since working with him — I’m stronger mentally and emotionally because of him. He’s created a team of likeminded people where I’ve been able to create quality friendships. I’ve gained an incredibly selfless mentor in him. And I’ve gained a hell of a lot of confidence to match my ass. I mean sass. 😅 — It’s not about the quantity of people you have in your life but the quality. There are a select few people that I know I can reach out to for anything and they’d drop everything to be there for me. And I the same in return — Find more people like that and keep them close — To my family, to my friends, and to my team, thank you infinitely. Thank you for loving me for who I am and your unwavering support. I wouldn’t be where I am today without y’all.
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My crew is such a ball 😂😂😂 - - @johnniep_3 @marisalarenfitness @jenna_fail @emilyhaydenfitness @nodonutshere @realworld_tactical @prymalcoach @anacheri @benmoreland @dannyjonesfitness @kerrihayesfit @passion2befit @bitesizedfitness @wwesheamus @derekweida @big_ty_russ @kaylafassiofit @kj_theproteinpapi @tfriedrich3_ifbbpro @brittany_dawn_fitness @paigereilly @fit_mama_whit @warriorfit1 @raywingfield - #1stphorm #1stphorm4life aspiring #1stphormathlete #iam1stphorm #phamily
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