There was blame on both sides, you know. The Germans had conquered France so it was theirs and they had every right to be there. Those Alt Left Americans were the ones who were trespassing. Troublemakers. #ithoughtwealreadyfoughtthiswar #hatredisneverescusable #racismistaught #ww2 #nazis #fascism #bloodandsoil #trump
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"Blood and Soil"- D. E. Hunter Cammel, 2017 #art #modernart #modernartformodernpeople #bloodandsoil
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Red sun, black sun, boy are we in for it in this fiery eclipse hotspot. While the smoke from all these fires may make it hard to see the eclipse come Monday, its effects cannot be escaped. Here in the volcano vortex, it almost feels like an energetic amphitheater reverberating back the current state of all Peoples. Temperatures are hot in literally everyone, even those trying to stay out of it all. What is it that most real humans want? To live a good life rooted in a shared community and Place. Why is race then the constant argument? It's not actually the superficial aspects of skin color, but the deeper layers of differences in spirit and experiences of particular embodiments. Each is a necessary expression of humanity and each needs space to survive and thrive. You can't end #whiteness without tolerating Euros recovering their spirit identity. This system is working for very few. What if I were to suggest that it was actually designed that way? The beginning of this struggle started long ago and far away. It shouldn't have become a global struggle, but it is now, so it is. We are not going to get past this blockage through more control and repression. It is time for us all to become more resilient, more human, and to start questioning the imposition of this political economy and discover whose cultural landscape we are living in. Capitalism and Communism, and everything in between, still perpetuates the same coin based on control and usury. East/West divides were constructed to confuse our ability to find our way back to ourselves. This struggle is what the Norse/Germanic spirit stands in the way of, and always has, and this is why the system seeks to destroy us first. It's in our blood to keep remembering, even when we have nearly lost all that we are. But remember, we are not special in being sought out. This cultural landscape ultimately seeks to destroy all Place based Peoples, ancient and emergent, as it erases stories one by one, new and old. This Folk destruction is what Euros have been running from and race wars have been routinely thrown at us to keep All distracted from the more relevant layers. Let your dreams and bloodwisdom guide the way.
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Got off work and got back to work #BloodandSoil #Ausar
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