LINK IN PROFILE. I have decided to write a post regarding Women, Miscegenation, Misogyny and Honesty addressing Lauren Southern's latest completely ignored (by other females in the spectrum) issues with her past and how this affects the face of what we want to represent. We cannot defend nor remain indifferent, not for our good neither for how we look like in the eye of the opposition. Everything else I have to say, please find it at the link in our description. Please remain civile and if you want to comment here feel free to share your thoughts. - S. Fairy 🍃
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Grateful to have the opportunity to share with others in our community.🌱 A week of donating fresh produce to needy families and nursing homes. Turnips, broccoli, sweet potatoes, and we even have spare eggs to share this year. 🥚🐔 All food that we grew in our fields & greenhouses and that we usually donate at this time of year. Nationalism/Activism in not just waving a banner, or making a video, or distributing leaflets, it is taking care of your people too. So, help them in any way you can, not just money, but food, hygiene items, medicine, clothing, or simply your company. Giving a hug or a word of comfort, especially to the elderly, to those who live alone or at your local nursing homes. Support, respect and cherish them, because without their wisdom, knowledge, and skills, our traditions wither and we are left without guidance in this world. 👴🏼💚👵🏼 #bloodandsoil #volk #grassrootsactivism #farmlife #tradition #identity #nationalism
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A place where infiltrated snow emerges from the depths of the Cascades as cold fresh water springs. Consistent year round in temp and flow, this river is a constant in my life. When exuberant, I am grounded. When well, I am present. When hurting, I am held. When lost, I am guided home. This Place always knows just what I need, as I love it with all of my heart in return. Living in Place requires a reciprocal relationship, and it is an ever deepening responsibility. But to be madly in love in Place is worth everything asked of you. #volcanovortex #placebased #cascadia #forestfolk #bloodwisdom ##bloodandsoil #ancestralmemory #defendcascadia #defendeurope #wearenotalone #outcreate #wegotthis
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Check out The Laughing Mask and #bravestar #films #new #website @ @matchesmallone #harbinger #therun #bloodandsoil #afterhours #indyfilm #laughingmaskmovie #horror #billoberstjr
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My grandmother knitted those for me years ago. I remember her trying hard to finish them so I can have them with me to that new place of my husband's. It was tears of pain and fear. Why do I go so far and why can't I stay there in my home. As she knitted I sat there savoring her presence of love and selfsacrifice and hoped I can bring a bit of it to my new life. They served me well but became tattered and got holes and I couldn't make myself throw them away. Her hands touch still sleep softly on the stretched yarn. Her live still makes my feet feel as if I am seating next to her. So after many prayers and tears of failing to mend them today I did it and I cried tears if joy and pure contentment. My stove is old. My wallpaper is old. It's the same wallpaper from when I moved here and I never changed it. Why would I change it? I just keep it clean. If you take better care of things, you can hold onto them longer. That's how I still run things. If it works, I keep it. If it doesn't, I see if I can use it for something else. If I can't, and I usually can, I toss it. Clara Cannucciari, Clara's Kitchen: Wisdom, Memories, and Recipes from the Great Depression #simplelife #frugality #handmade #loving #workisprayer #livefolk #authenticliving #unplugged #bloodandsoil #european #europa #knitting #crochet #mending
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Brave yourselves, Alte Kameraden, because Marx, the Post Eater is hunger than ever! 3 posts banned since 7 am today.
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This soil holds our ancestors, and from this soil comes our nature. Both are intrinsically connected. Our natural environment reminds us of the past, envelopes the present, and makes us mindful of the future. Enjoy nature and remember where you came from, protect where you are, and be mindful of where you are going. You may be the highest leaf on the tree, but your roots are firmly in the soil. Blood and soil are spiritually, physically and literally connected. #weebithillandglen #bloodandsoil #scotland #scottish #nature #identity #identitarian #generationidentity #generationidentitaire #defendeurope #defendeuropa #folk #volk #people #scotcoin #forest #tree
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Today we are honouring little Saint Lucia. Find out more about the traditions and celebrations of this festivity and its connection to the pagan light celebration as on the shortest day of the year (before Gregorian reform) in Fennoscandia. Link on our description. 💚🍃. . Traditions shall take a special place in our cultural fight back, hence we hope you will greatly enjoy posts like such. Picture credit: Cecilia Larsson Lantz/
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Heavy wind in Hyperborea #blutundboden #bloodandsoil
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