I'm going to be posting more in women's physical autonomy and our efforts to have our voices heard by the medical community in 2018. I'm not talking about abortion rights, but circumstances like doctors telling women to "bring their boyfriends next time" so the doctor has another male to corroborate the woman's symptoms, or women who's consent in terms of childbirth is completely ignored in the birthing room. Topics will include "Ask Me About My Uterus," by Abby Norman, and the story of Kimberly Turbin, a sexual assault survivor who's doctor cut her perineum 12 times while she was giving birth though she can be herd and seen on video loudly and repeatedly saying "no!" . . . . . . . . . #pdx #leftcoast #vagina #feminist #intersectionalfeminism #women #queen #womenempowerment #parkland #maga #feelthebern #bloodandsoil #americafirst #slutwalk #metoo #womensmarch #mentalhealth #selflove #selfloveisrebellion #bopo #vegangirl #socialworker #activist #advocate
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Love your volk ❤️
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An important call for women following which men can share with their female audience. This post might be interpreted with certain flagellation flair - all I am aiming with it is to make a point on how important is to embrace certain physical pain as the natural consequence of humanly body reactions. What am I referring to? Let’s go to it. There has been a time throughout our enlightening journey as westerners, with influences from one or another group, specifically with the birth of modern pharmacology, medicine and psychology, that together with political and forced social switches has provoked the adoption of new habits. The one we will talk today about is how provoked crisis, the arrival of Feminism and pressure put on women have played a key role in the detrimental emancipation and negative behavioural change in our women. To keep it briefly: We are all aiming at more, as Whites, we are in constant need to make an impact, we are conquerors, builders, creators… and it does not only apply to our good men, but to our women as well. A woman’s natural instinct is to nourish, either her man or her family. She is constantly creating ways to push and aid the family to strive. With the arrival of increasing plans towards provoking a self-destruction blast in the West from outside (((powers))) that are still willing towards wiping the West out of its map, founders of leftist movements and creators of an imaginary female societal oppression, we have seen the most harm done to the women, corrupting them from within. Think about it, created economical instabilities have pushed women to access the workforce in a way only men have been seen doing up to then. A woman’s role and naturally her mindset and body are not made for taking such schedules, routines, no matter how strong and willing the female is. The arrival of the woman at a factory, a rather rough environment, came with the arrival of the first pills against menstrual pains, ways to stop menstruation, abortion methods, and all sorts of ways to stop what otherwise a woman’s body should behave like. CONTINUES IN COMMENTS ⤵️⤵️ - Thea 🍃
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Eat your daily candy portion! 😊 - says Thea. 🐸🍃
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We have seen these past days a great amount of non-sensical actions in the context of the inexistent free-speech in the West, pointing at UK specifically. But why does it happen? Why does it all happen now? Have you ever thought of these acts as pure statements? I personally see it as a statement of empowerment - willing to still prove who is in charge and scare the population of other ideals, that they just cannot battle the system. But is that really true? One of the reasons I am an advocate for women being politically aware is because at this right moment they are given rights to affect the political landscape in a way or another. Using that right for the exact cause it is crucial. Hence women, want it or not, they need to acknowledge what will harm or benefit their offspring while making the right choices when comes to affecting decisions. I am talking about the fact that many are the complacent females that fail to recognise they have a voice and their message can get so much better across the public, due to the natural perceived fragility and willingness of protection from the men, than a male’s opinion. Why do you think Feminism has corrupted so many and so well? Because it is using the female delicate nature to attack from within. The Edelweiss Alliance has been previously under mild negative commentary as we warmly encourage females to read, understand, question, educate themselves politically and economically, biologically and physically. I can only say from my side that there will be no ceasing of such advices towards our female audience. For the simple reason that a woman has the responsibility to educate, participate and instruct her sons and daughters as much as the father, and sometimes even more. And we are in for high-caliber females in here. Always. There is enough mediocrity around and we say ENOUGH to that. 😊 - Thea 🍃. . Art by Hugo Höppener a.k.a. Fidus.
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