One of my favorite gardens at work. As this season is coming to an end, there is much to reflect upon from the colors of this year of growth. Being guided by dreams and ancestors and plant allies and earth herself is not a metaphor. This year, for me, has been a heavy immersion into the mysteries of the gnostics led there by the ancestors. Not what the Abrahamics convinced us they were, but what they truly knew (gnosis) and guarded from destruction. Some human animals are quick to find the most superficial culprits to blame in this era of mass suffering, while others can't help but to keep digging into the deeper layers. Timeless explorers that refuse to settle as victims and those who never stop seeking fore the fire of their dreams will not let them rest. What if there were stories that could unite human animals around that which is destroying all Place based Folk and Cultures? Would you be willing to shed any previous notions or expectations of what it would take to hear the story of earth herself? Every human animal alive has been heavily conditioned and lost their capacity to truly decipher. It is only through the recovery of this ability that internal freedom can be realized. I used to be ashamed of my Euro roots, but I am 100% European and I am now 100% proud of my heritage and my Folk. Can those who are descendants of Europe say the same? Do you love your People? Have you broken the chains of guilt that bound you? Do you know why the gnostics were considered such heretics?
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While it may seem that the heroes of our race have already died and looking to the past for inspiration is not a bad thing, WE need to live in the present and not live in the shadows of those who came before us! WE need to create our own heroes and sagas for future generations. So Get out there, Network, Share ideas, Get Active and always Stand, even if Alone. "Defeat Never, Victory Forever!" #RobertJMathews #WhiteNationalism #Nationalism #AltRight #RightWing #FarRight #WhiteIdentity #FolkandNation #BloodandHonour #BloodandSoil #RacialPride #WhitePeopleAwake #DefendEurope #StandUpWhiteMan
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Witches are bad mmkay? You should burn or hang them if they know things you don't understand, or maybe don't believe the same as you. One more thing to ponder, if you know what questions to ask. #ancientways #folkways #ancestry #norsegaeliccelticgaul #remigrate #timetogohome #takebackeurope #fightforyourancestralhome #faith #family #tribe #clan #myancestorsarewatching #myhomelandscall #historylesson #remember #yourheadiscloudednow #butyourheartknowsthetruth #tribalism #bloodandsoil
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