No one asked for it, but they had it coming. Some new exciting products will be coming to Lakewood very soon. RCxLW board rails, DogBone board rails, along with classic LW riser pads as well will soon be joining the fray! They are going to be $1.50 for a riser pad set, $2.00 for a classic board rail set, and $2.50 a set for DogBones. These are still in production, they will come in standard issue white and potentially some colors down the road. Screws will come with board rails as well, I just need to order those. I hope y’all like these, and I look forward to you all in the boneyard if you want to roll with the big dogs~ 🐾 #lakewoodfb #fingerboard #boardrails #boneyard (edit: pricing is a tentative estimate, material cost may change after testing phase is complete but should still be near this range.)
5 days ago
Yellow boardrails on the #Yellowwood Boardrails made by @monofbrails #fingerboards #fingerboarding #boardrails #ytrucks
14 days ago
17 days ago
Sharing Fans Beauty🤩Pretty clean this one💜🖤💖
22 days ago
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