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А яка книга надихає тебе?! Тег #книгавдохновитель від @enn.shurli Не секрет, що кожна прочитана книга залишає слід у душі читача. Є книги до яких постійно повертаєшся подумки. Серед книг художньої літератури я часто пригадую "Мастер и Маргарита" М.Булгакова, "Унесённые ветром" М.Митчелл, "Гордость и предубеждение" Дж.Остин, "Королёк — птичка певчая" Решат Нури Гюнтекин, "Ті, що співають у терні" К.Маккалоу, "Три товариші" Е.М.Ремарк, "11/22/63" С.Кінг та ін. Це саме ті історії, які назавжди поселились у моїй душі та дорогі моєму серцю, книги, які надихають бути кращою людиною, бути гарним другом, бути гідним дарованого тобі життя та цінувати те, що маєш. __________ Книги, які надихають мене сьогодні — це "Викинь мотлох із життя" Марі Кондо та "Бог ніколи не моргає" Регіни Бретт. Перша книга навчає, як навести лад у домі й своєму житті, та позбутись всього зайвого, що перешкоджає втілити у життя наші мрії та бажання. Книга Регіни Бретт це сповідь жінки, якій довелось бути мужньою та сильною, жінки, яка перемогла рак і точно знає, що життя варте того щоб жити.
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'Your soul sings to mine. My soul is yours and always will be, in any world. No matter what happens I need you to remember that I love you' . Daughter of smoke and bone by @lainit . Good morning #bookworms Happy Saturday! Hope you're all having an awesome weekend so far. . Can we just take a minute to admire this awesome plaque from @lightspeedcrafts. I love #daughterofsmokeandbone and this plaque is just so pretty! Love the colours and the quote! So beautiful 😆💕 . TAGS . Time to catch up on some tags. The lovely @thebookleigh tagged me to do the #last5reads book tag, so here we go! . 1) Six of crows by Leigh Bardugo. . 2) The Raven boys by Maggie Stiefvater. . 3) Immortal Fire by Annette Marie. . 4) Zarox by Louis Smith. . 5) Howls moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones . Feel free to join in the tag, even if I didn't tag you 😊 ❤️ xxx
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"A Picture is worth a thousand words." This incredibly beautiful painting was made by my friend Sriram. It's about a fairy who reads in the quiet of the night with the help of some friendly fireflies. We are both huge Harry Potter, GOT & Fablehaven fans. When we shop for books, he will pick up anything with a dragon and a map in it. I usually have a list. 😊 Inspired by beautiful book art and illustrations, Sriram has started painting his own.
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Imagine handing a letter to your boss that reads "Dear Boss, I'm writing to let you know that your services are no longer required. Thanks for everything, but I'll be doing things my own way now" ! ____________________ . . 📚 " The $100 Startup : Fire Your Boss, Do What You Love And Work Better To Live More " | By Chris Guillebeau | 👉  Follow Chris @193countries and ____________________ . . This book has two key themes: freedom & value. Freedom is what we're all looking for, & value is the way to achieve it. It's the account of people who found a way to live their dreams & make a good living from something they cared deeply about. . . 🚨 BOOKMARKED : . . 🔖Build something that people want & give it to them. 🔖Merge your passion & skill with something that is useful to other people. 🔖Value means helping people. 🔖If your business focuses on giving people more of what they want or taking away something they don't want (or both), you're on the right track. 🔖If you make your business about helping others, you'll always have plenty of work. 🔖There's nothing wrong with planning, but you can spend a lifetime making a plan that never turns into action. In the battle between planning & action, action wins. 🔖Almost everything that is being sold is for either a deep pain or a deep desire. 🔖Many customers will support you for life as long as you keep providing them with great value. 🔖Sometimes the best advice is none at all. If you know what you need to do, the next step is simply to do it. Stop waiting. Start taking action! . . ____________________
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(23.3.18) We know all men are not created equal in the sense some people would have us believe- some people are smarter than others, some people have more opportunity because they're born with it, some men make more money than others, some ladies make better cakes than others- some people are born gifted beyond the normal scope of men. But there is one way in this country in which all men are created equal- there is one human institution that makes a pauper the equal of a Rockefeller, the stupid man the equal of an Einstein, and the ignorant man the equal of any college president. That institution, gentlemen, is a court. -Harper Lee • • • 👏🙌 #tokillamockingbird #harperlee #bibliophile #bookstagram #book #bookclub #reading #igread #booksofinstagram #unitedbookstagram #bookshelf #spring
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