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Happy Spring Break! I hear many of you have already begun your spring break travels. Where are your headed?⠀ Pictured, unisex tank in blue
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No caption needed 🙏🏼
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Do you know you can build your own race car and race @lego @disneysprings?!? . . . . . #legodisneysprings #legostore #boymom #boymom2 #disneymom #disneykid #legos #springbreak2018
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He's not so much a puppy any more... But he'll always be a puppy to us. #littlebuddy #nationalpuppyday #bestfriends #buds #boymom #heartmeltingmoments #mybabies
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Congrats to this momma and pops!! I’m soooo excited to welcome another baby boy into the family, river will always have someone to be a rough crazy little boy with! They will be bestiessss 😊 #boymom #mamasboy and the name is just perfect 😍 happy for you guys!! Love youuu ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @nadiaigo #dallasblake
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Hey 👋🏻 In an attempt to share the mess, I wanna tell you the craptastic events that was my life yesterday. I know if I’m going through it, chances are some of you are too. . I fought with my husband I lost it on my children I didn’t show up for my job I didn’t take care of myself . “I can’t do anything right” “God doesn’t make mistakes, but I’m pretty sure He wasn’t looking when I was given children” “Who do you think you are? Trying to help people and give hope when you can’t keep it together”. These are just a FEW of the lies that played over and over in my head yesterday. Lies that tried and at times succeeded to steal my joy. . I cried a lot BUT I prayed even more . Hear me now when I say this, that’s not “normal” for my flesh. Going to the Lord in prayer is an intentional decision that I have to make over and over again throughout the day. I wanna solve my own problems. I wanna be “in control”. My depression tells me to sit and wallow in my feelings, while my anxiety tells me to head for the hills. When those thoughts, feelings & emotions creep in I have to make myself stop and remember to whom I belong. . You see, while circumstances in my life may surprise me and wear me out, they don’t surprise my Father. He knew long before I did the day I would have and He has given me everything I need to walk through it... His Love His Son His Spirit Scripture Prayer Family Friends Through Him, I lack nothing. . Sister, if you are struggling, you are not alone. We all have bad days. Bad seasons. Just hang on because it will get better. Pause and pray. Get in the word. Call that life breathing friend who speaks truth over you. Just keep going. . You are worthy You are capable You are chosen . But don’t just take it from me. Open that bible and see what God has to say about you and your incredible self. . Here’s to a beautiful Friday 🙏🏻🙌🏻💜 #Friday #life #gooddays #baddays #Jesus #Godslove #worthy #chosen #sober #depression #anxiety #prayer #coach #fitmom #fitwife #boymom #love
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This is how we feel about that doctor visit... - but it’s over, we survived, our little guy is growing well and we are going to make the rest of the day a good day! Plus it’s Friday 🎉
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Happy FRIYAY!I can’t believe I’m 61 days into my 80 day program! It has gone by so incredibly fast. Guess that’s what happens when your OBSESSED! - Here’s a preview of my favorite/challenging moves in today’s workout.
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Friends, husbands, grandparents, anyone who wants to give a baby gift that will be actually used!? THIS. Remembering feeding times, and feeling taken care of are sometimes hard to express during the postpartum period. This dry erase board takes the guess work out, for everyone! It can be found on committedgifts.com
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