Pet Sematary (1989) Directed by Mary Lambert. Brad Greenquist as Victor Pascow. The film rights were sold to George A. Romero in 1984 for $10,000. King had previously declined several other offers for a film adaptation. Romero eventually had to pull out of the production, as he was busy with Monkey Shines #petsematary #marylambert #bradgreenquist #victorpascow #stephenking #georgearomero #horror #thriller #1989
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Annabelle, creation (2017).
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. . Movie : #AnnabelleCreation #2017 Bluray : 720p - 1080p IMDB : 6.8/10 Rated : R Rotten Tomatoes : 6.1/10 Fresh 68% Cast : #AnthonyLaPaglia - #SamaraLee #MirandaOtto - #BradGreenquist النوع : رعب - غموض - إثارة القصة : الجزء الثاني من فيلم (Annabelle)، يرحب صانع دُمى وزوجته بكاهنة وفتيات عِدة من دار أيتام في منزلهما، ولكن بشكلٍ ما يصبح هدف صانع الدُمى هو عملية استحواذ (أنابيل) . اعطيني تقييمك الخاص للفلم ؟؟ . . #movie #bluray #movienight #movietime
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#31DaysOfHalloween - October 6: #StephenKing’s #PetSematary! I’m surprised how well this movie still holds up. I absolutely love the appearance of #FredGwynne (aka #HermanMunster) and now that I know that Victor is supposed to be an angel, it’s even more haunting and beautiful. Also, the #Ramones song of the same name is a #Halloween staple of mine. 🎃👍 This is truly one of the best Stephen King #HORROR adaptations ever made. #1989 #MaryLambert #DaleMidkiff #DeniseCrosby #BradGreenquist #MikoHughes #RichardPRubinstein #31DaysOfHorror
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Today's entry for #31daysofhorror is Pet Sematary (1989). Stephen King seems in again with the success of It but this has always been one of my favorite King adaptations of his books. It's the guest King novel I ever read and I used to watch this VHS frequently. Most importantly, I think it still holds up. . . Someone suggested I do fun facts for this segment so I'll begin with this one: . . 1. The film was shot on location in the same rural Maine area that Stephen King set the novel "Pet Sematary." . . 2. Stephen King once mentioned that the only novel he wrote that really scared him was "Pet Sematary." . . 3. Bruce Campbell was the first choice for the role of Louis Creed. . . 4. Stephen King was present on location for most of the shooting of the film. . . 5. Actor Brad Greenquist had said, in an interview, that while in his gruesome makeup for the role of Victor Pascow, no one would sit near him while the cast and crew were having lunch. . . 6. Star Fred Gwynne dyed his hair white for the role of Judd Crandall. . . 7. Stephen King required the movie to be filmed in Maine and his screenplay to be followed rigorously. . . 8. When Stephen King first wrote the manuscript for Pet Sematary, he shelved it when friends and family hated it. . . 9. George A. Romero was originally set to direct, but when filming was delayed, he dropped out and Mary Lambert stepped in. . . 10. This was the first filmed screenplay that Stephen King adapted from one of his own novels.
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Halloween Countdown, Day 25 🎃🎃🎃 Doctor Louis Creed moves his family to Maine where he meets a friendly local named Jud Crandall who lives just across a terribly busy road. After the Creeds cat is accidentally killed in that road, Crandall advises Louis to bury it in the ground near the old pet cemetery. The cat returns to life, it’s personality changed for the worse. When Louis’ young son Gage dies tragically, he decides to bury the boy’s body in the same grounds, despite the warnings of the wise Jud and Louis’ visions of a deceased patient named Pascow. “Sometimes, Dead is better.” “The soil of a mans heart is stonier, Louis. A man grows where he can, and he tends it. Because what you buy is what you own. And what you own...always comes home to you.” “I’m at Judd’s, daddy. Will you come over and play with me? First I played with Judd, then mommy came, and I played with mommy. We play, daddy? We had an awful good time. Now, I want to play with YOU!” “I’m coming for you, Rachel. And this time,...I’ll get you. Gage and I will get you for letting us die.” “I’m going to twist your back like mine do that you never get out of bed again! Never get out of bed again. Never get out of bed again. Never get out of bed again!!!” “Come on, doc. We’ve got places to go.” “This is the place where the dead speak.” “The barrier was not meant to be crossed. The ground beyond is sour.” #halloweencountdown #day25 #horror #petsematary #marylambert #stephenking #dalemidkiff #fredgwynne #denisecrosby #bradgreenquist #michaellombard #mikohughes #blazeberdahl #thegroundissour
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