The 2017 season has to be considered one of the best for the Sox to go through with the help of a strong roster, new faces and winning the AL East for the second year in a row for the first time, 2018 should be a much more contending year #redsox #bostonredsox #redsoxbaseball #redsoxnation #bosox #bosoxnation #fenwayfaithful #redsoxallday #redsoxforlife #letsgoredsox #gosox #letsgosox #redsoxgame #fenwaypark #redsoxfans #fenwaypahk #bostonredsoxs #dustinpedroia #jackiebradleyjr #chrissale #mookiebetts #hanleyramirez #craigkimbrel #davidprice #brockholt #andrewbenintendi #xanderbogaerts #johnfarrell #bostonsports #mlbbaseball
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wow. what a season we have had. from staying up until 1 am watching 20 inning games, to clinching the AL east, to all the smiles, laughs, and tears cried during this season. from watching players adjust during slumps, watching players get hot, and even watching win dance repeat evolve throughout the season. from watching my mom throw out the first pitch, to having panic attacks at gymnastics when benny was up to bat with the bases loaded, from crying tears of joy when we clinched the AL east, from endless fights with yankees fans, late night twitter roast sessions, and so much more. thank you red sox for such an outstanding year. we may of lost the ALDS, which sucks, but hey, at least we made it to post season and we didn’t get swept! i’ve been dreading writing this, i dont want the season to end. i plan my day around baseball, and i always look forward to coming home and watching it. But, we have had one hell of a season. back to back AL east champs, multiple walk offs, outstanding plays, you name it. So much as happened off the field just as much as on the field. I created this account, and besides a picture account, i was the only benintendi fan account on instagram, and now 6 months later there are so many benny accounts and i have met so many new friends on here. i joined twitter back in july, and i’ve made so many new friends who i am so grateful for. i would of never met them if i hadn’t created that account to express my love for the Sox and Andrew. I am so incredibly proud of this team, and how far they have come. so many new memories were created that will last forever. i am so happy i was able to watch all the boys work their butts off and play to the best of their abilities, and i am so thankful for being able to watch all of them grow as players. it makes me so sad knowing that there’s a possiblilty not all of our players will return to the red sox, but i hope and pray that none of our players get traded. To my love @andrewbenintendi16 - thank you for making me the happiest girl for the past 6 months, i can’t thank you enough. theres so much more ahead of you and im so excited to see what 2018 is gonna bring! i love you more than you’ll ever know💙
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everyone has an addiction, mine just happens to be you💙 . hoping for a W today!! . this is absolute trash and i apologize, i made this at 2 am😂 . i also havent been very active because i’ve been super busy but i should be able to start being more active:)) . @andrewbenintendi16
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This is what I'm going with.
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... is it Saleday yet? @redsox
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Answer to the question: my favorite player is Brock Holt because 1 I met him (he is smaller that he is listed) he was really cool about everything too! He made sure he got a photo with me and signed my hat!!! And my 2nd reason is because he is athletic and can play anywhere and has the same batting stance as me! @brock_holt #brockholt #gosox #brockstar
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The Red Sox fall to the Astros 4-3 in their final game of the 2017 regular season. Rafael Devers went 1/4 with 2 RBI, Brock Holt went 2/3, Hector Velazquez went 4 innings with 4 Ks, and Matt Barnes went 1.2 innings with 4 Ks. STARTING TIMES FOR GAMES 1 AND 2 OF THE DIVISIONAL ROUND VS. THE ASTROS: 4 PM Thursday, 2 PM Friday. #RafaelDevers #BrockHolt #HectorVelazquez #MattBarnes #RedSox #MLB #Baseball #Fenway #⚾️ #BostonRedSox #Always_RedSox #AlwaysRedSox #Boston #BoSox #Beantown
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Here is today's lineup for the Red Sox as they take on Houston at Fenway Park at 3:05pm. - Are we even trying today? Lol. Backups galore. - #redsox #boston #lineup #fenwaypark #astros #houston #rajaidavis #brockholt #christianvazquez #rafaeldevers #chrisyoung #jackiebradleyjr #jbj #samtravis #sandyleon #devenmarrero #hectorvelazquez
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