This is edit is so bad! (June 2017) - - - - Song - Back to you - #bughead #bugheadedit #riverdale #oldedits #videoedits #followforfollow
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1.10 Gosh I love when FP communicates with his future daughter-in-law (that was too much, I apologise, this is my Bughead-shipper side showing 🙈)
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•coles pov• Lili looked at me, with her eyes full of tears. “Cole I..” she buried her face in my tux and I took her back to my trailer cause I decided it should be kj and camilas moments. She curls up into a ball on the couch and continued to sob. “Lili, just tell me.” I touch her arm. “Fine,” she calms. “I..I got rid of it!” She continued. “W-What do you mean by ‘got rid of it’?” I asked. “T-The baby, I-I didn’t think you wanted it nor be there for it,” her eyes started to tear up. I felt a knot in my throat and hug her. She returned the hug and kissed me. I kissed her back and I did it as if it was our first kiss every. I didn’t pull away until she did. “Cole I’m sorry,” she looked down. “I know you would have wanted the kid,” I nodded. “I didn’t.” She continued. I nodded in understatement and she got up and went to the door. “Lili! You can stay!” I touched her arm. She smiled and I smirked. She kissed me and I led her to my bed, I took off my shirt and kissed her next while I unbuttoned her. - I woke up from that long night and woke up Lili telling her to get a new pair of clothes because I technically ripped her other ones. She grabbed my shirt and went on to go to her trailer, after 10 minutes I hear a knock on my door. I open it and it was my girlfriend, we’ll official one since a few days ago. She kisses me in excitement and immediately takes my to my bed. As she kisses my neck, I hear someone walk in my trailer, Lili....
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Oh my🤤😂
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His hair❤️
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This episode was amazing
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Beautiful ❤️
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