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ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!! I made this acc one year from today and it’s been amazing. I have 5k followers and everyone is so active that makes me very happy. How I first found out abt Riverdale was my friend posting an edit of Archie plot twist to jughead. (5th slide). I was like GODAMMMNNNN WHO THE FUCK IS THAT. I fell in love with his look. Like his personality when I barley even knew him. So I did my research. I checked the comments and I didn’t know what they were talking abt. “Jughead is so hot omg.” Jughead??? What kind of name is that? I searched up “jughead” and I found Riverdale. After watching the second episode, I decided to search up who the hell this actor is. COLE FUCKING SPROUSE THE KID FROM FUCKIGN SUITE LIFE HDDJSJSJ. I was so shook. Anyways, I posted rlly old edits that were my fav for such a long time and made me rlly emotional lmao. I love you guys so much!! Thank you for sticking around one year! FACE REVEAL ON STORYYY (whaaat ikr I finally did it) Credits: reiinhart #riverdale #riverdalecw #thecwriverdale #thecw #jugheadjones #jugheadjonesedit #bettycooper #bettycooperedit #bughead #bugheadedit #omgpage #oneyear #oneyearanniversary
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