Garbanzo wrap with red quinoa, chick peas, onions, peppers, romaine & guacamole. It was a pleasure learning and cooking with you @anciientja. Thank you thank you thank you ☺️❤️ #alkalinevegan #vegan #vegansofinstagram #drsebi #costarica #madewithlove #health #healthyliving #soulfood #feedyourcells #love #buildingalegacy
17 minutes ago
Yes amen! Success is different for everyone. And has nothing to do with being rich!! What does success look like to you?? For me it is to be able to: build a community where everyone, regardless of their past, has the opportunity to be poured into and shown genuine love and compassion. To model a lifestyle outside the world of drugs, alcohol, addiction and regret. To model HOPE 💜💜💜 Build it and they will come. 💜💜 In Jesus name 💜💜 #Vision #BuildingaLegacy #Hope
46 minutes ago
#goodmorning #buildingalegacy I’m a get it for myself and #myfamily I just wanna take care of my #momma and #family so they don’t have to #worry no #more #familyovereverything #idk how much we don’t see #eyetoeye that’s still #myfamily I’ll take #scarfices and put in #bloodsweatandtears to make sure #imhappy and #theyhappy
1 hour ago
For our Fellowship Friday, it’s my honor to share about my friend @sarahekoontz at Living by Design Ministries. Sarah’s mission is to inspire Christians to explore God’s design, establish Godly lives, and exude God’s love. She offers free online Bible Studies, weekly blogs, and emails to encourage and equip you. I am always encouraged by Sarah’s vulnerability, her huge heart for God, and her practical application. I love how she has the call to feed God’s sheep and help them deepen their relationship with Christ. Thank you so much @sarahekoontz for being such a light of Christ!
4 hours ago
Just because i accidentally turned off my alarm 🤪 overslept and now late to my job..🤦‍♀️ doesn’t mean i neglect my health!! 🙌 i still have my SuperMom drink in hand and ready to tackle the great day this is going to be #oops #SuperMom #buildingme #buildingalegacy
4 hours ago
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