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Everyone is different, so treat people that way! More content? Follow: @life.motivationn
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Da Milano ai nostri showroom: รจ iniziata la campagna per la collezione Autunno Inverno 2018 2019 #GaelleParis
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#Repost @abstrategist with @get_repost ใƒปใƒปใƒป Is your bio optimized? Your Instagram bio has to be a call to action. People need to read it and take an action. 1. Make sure your handle is not confusing and too long. Preferably, make it your business name or something related. If your business name is taken, begin your handle with your business name and add another detail at the end. 2. Use a profile picture that reflect your brand. If you are running a personal brand, you can use a professional picture. However, if you are not running a personal brand, you can use your business logo. 3. Switch your profile to a business profile so that you will be able to receive insights about your Instagram page from Instagram 4. Change your profile name to something searchable. Think about this, what would your audience look for when searching for the product or the service you offer. If you sell fabrics, your audience will probably type "fabric" when searching for people like you. E.g instead of writing "Sonia Store" change it to "Fabric Store in Lagos". Remember, your Instagram handle already carries your business name. 5. Tell us who you are and what you do. Let us know what you offer and why we should follow you. 6. Put a call to action; should they send you a DM or call you or click a link? Tell them to do something 7. Add a link to your bio. If you don't have a website, it can be a link to your whatsapp where they can chat with you directly. 8. Add highlights from your Instagram story. Choose evergreen content from your Instagram story and curate them on your highlights so that when people visit your profile they will see it 9. Add your phone number, email address, and address so it can be easy for people to contact you. Tag someone who needs this. #naija #africanbusinessstrategist #socialmediatips #socialmediamarketingtips #socialmediaconsultant #buynigerian #nigerianstartups #Nigerian #socialmediaexpert #contenttips #contentstrategy #onlinebusiness #africanbiz #africanbusiness #nigerianbusiness #naijabusiness #9ja #businessman #businesswoman #digitalmarketing #digitalstrategy #marketingstrategy #naija
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"Who wants to be someone buys a Ferrari, which is already someone who has a Lamborghini"๐Ÿ‘Œ
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I don't live for what people think or want, I live for what makes me happy. The key to mi success has been listening to my own gut rather than what everyone else has told me. People give u advise based on their own benefit but no one knows what makes you happy better than yourself.
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