Let’s wander where the WiFi is weak! #weekendgetaway #nature #cadescove #smokeymountains #tennesseelife just what we needed to #recharge!
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Cades Cove is an isolated valley located in the Tennessee section of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, USA. The valley was home to numerous settlers before the formation of the national park. Today Cades Cove, the single most popular destination for visitors to the park, attracts more than two million visitors a year because of its well preserved homesteads, scenic mountain views, and abundant display of wildlife.[1] The Cades Cove Historic District is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. #deer #whitetail #doe #sweet #cadescove #history #love #naturephotography #iphonex #hellothere
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John and Luraney Oliver were poor and had to be frugal in their preparations for their move to Cades Cove. They could have had little more with them than their seed, and a few tools yet, in 1818, toting one child and expecting another, the Olivers struck out from Carter county to the promise of the Smoky Mountain cove, Cades Cove one hundred miles away. Their journey was exhausting and yet, whether out of necessity or pure pioneer grit, John and Luraney simply walked into Cades Cove, rolled up their sleeves and went to work building their dream. #cadescove #history #greatsmokymountains #tennessee #johnolivercabin
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~60 degrees, sunny and icicles ~ #cadescove
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