[ s2.e06 ] — I'm glad nick's gone well for now but like still jekdkqnsjskqknsks __ →follow ( @onlyriverdale ) for more!
8 minutes ago
HAYLEY CURTIU, OMG 😱😱 Brazil loves u! Thank u, so much ❤️ @hayleaulaw
13 minutes ago
[Cheryl x Veronica x Quote] — иєω тнємє cσмιиg αfтєя тнιѕ ρσѕт! ι gσт α cнσиι є∂ιт 😉 (tbh I hate this edit but I wanna get to my next theme) — qσтρ: Cнєяуℓ σя Vєяσиιcα? 💜 filter creds: @piercefilters
2 hours ago
[2.06] Swipe for Choni → — New theme!! Here’s a little bit of Choni because, who doesn’t need a little Choni in their life? — qσтρ: ∂σ уσυ ѕнιρ cнσиι? ❤️💜 filter creds: @piercefilters
25 minutes ago
What if there were two blackhoods? 🤔One of them was supposed to have green eyes (according to archie) and another has black eyes with no soul (said by Moose) this is a possibility!! 😂 {Spongebob has blueish greenish eyes and Patrick has black!} ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #riverdale #riverdalememes #riverdalecast #riverdalestrong #riverdaleseason2 #netflix #riverdalecw #riverdalehigh #colesprouse #camimendes #lilireinhart #madelame #riverdalerp #riverdaleedit #riverdaleau
38 minutes ago
"Sweet cousin" I LIVED FOR CHERYL SAYING THAT — q: Cheryl or Betty?
46 minutes ago
i even put her dog in the corner 😂 @madelame
52 minutes ago
♛ ━━━━❃━━━━ filter; @operationfilter this was sad but like i wish they didn’t make bughead get back together so quickly cause i feel like they just skipped so much and idk i think they just rushed it too much ━━━━❃━━━━ q; have you ever had a dream with a riverdale character in it? a; i literally did last night comment your answer for a tag in my next post x
55 minutes ago
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