My sister stole my spot on the couch and now I can’t watch b99 ™️
55 minutes ago
Excited to announce my first “case”- who is seven drinks Amy?? If you want to join my investigation just dm me, I have six weeks and nothing to do.
4 hours ago
My mum just kicked me off the tv because I watch too much b99 ™️
9 hours ago
The 'many' expressions of Captain Raymond Holt: a documentary #terrycrews #brooklynninenine #99 #gina #peraltiago #captainholt #rosadiaz #charlesboyle #hilarious #comedy
9 hours ago
On the first day of school holidays I think most people do things but right now I’m watching Brooklyn nine nine 👍
12 hours ago
just had to use this scene in a meme cuz it’s amazing😂💁🏻
15 hours ago
i just accidentally slammed a spray bottle rll hard onto my vagina y’all it hurts so much i might be infertile now
17 hours ago
jake + amy | ‘won’t be a problem.’ ♥️ cc - nymieedits ac - me ♥️ I love these pure babies sm😩 #brooklynxmasrct
18 hours ago
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