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It was only a few hours ago i took a chance. I've completed this category. Many more to go. As they say "the first step is the hardest." #10x #cardoneuniversity bring on the new skill set!
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It's my favorite number however, in this instance 💯 is still short of #10x !! #cardoneuniversity
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Don't drink the Kool aid, swim in it! #cardoneuniversity #10x my life!
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And so it begins! #10x #cardoneuniversity here's to adventure and new endeavors!
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There is a saying that goes “you are the average of your 5 closest friends…” and whether you heard it or not, to a degree it makes sense. . I used to hang out with some real knuckle head thugs that had nothing going for them and it is odd that it is because they simply chose to not change their surroundings and the environment they put themselves in. . What would have happened if they chose to go another route and instead what if we ALL chose to surround ourselves with Success? . This was a challenge when I was growing up as we didn’t have Internet Influencers and access to Mentoring as easy as we do today. . This means that as of today, we have a rare advantage where our market, communications, technology and opportunity before us is surreal! . So the question is, now that we have access to these resources how do we use them? . What if I don’t hang around those I want to be like? . This is my answer. . PHYSCIALLY, I do not hang around influencers that I have learned from or admire, HOWEVER due to technology, I am fortunate enough to follow, subscribe and witness the journey of those that I admire. . In this example, Gary Vaynerchuk. . I don’t hang out with Gary, but I have followed his content enough to feel like he has mentored me in a way by simply following and watching his content. . On top of this, I have other influencers that I personally follow and it is like I have them in my environment because I am always studying my craft and looking to grow and thus any open time I have, I am learning from these influencers. . So even though, they are not in my ‘atmosphere’ they play so much in my background it is just like they are in my atmosphere! . Here is why it is important, whether physically or online, you have a genuine and legit influence you can follow, subscribe and learn from while the rest are worried about watching videos of Cats and Dogs, you’re here focused on your Hustle. . For that, I salute you!
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