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This is a very engaging book that is based on a series of lectures which can be found on youtube. The author eloquently and enthusiastically compares bitcoin (which he considers a disruptive technology) with other disruptive technologies such as the automobile, electricity, the internet, and others. Just as those emerging technologies had to fight the popular misconceptions (for example, why would you buy and drive a car on a muddy road full of potholes with nowhere to buy gas, when you can use a horse), bitcoin has to fight all the negative hype associated with the concept of the internet of money. I think this author, and others, are correct. We are in the middle of a very disruptive but positive technology. Bitcoin and other altcoins are going to change the whole concept of banking. Billions of unbanked people around the world can now be their own bank with nothing more than a cheap cell phone. They can send money around the world almost instantly. There are no banking hours or bank service fees or frozen accounts. Money (altcoin) will be programmable. There will be smart contracts, micro transactions and governments can’t pressure financial institutions to shut down organizations they don’t like (as the American government did to wikileaks). Oddly, the author doesn’t explain the blockchain in this book. A blockchain is just a financial ledger but is probably the most important ingredient of altcoins. For more info about the blockchain and bitcoin, look on youtube for a series of short videos by Amanda B. Johnson. She does a great job of explaining it. Also check out ‘bitcoin 101, the blackboard series’ by James D’angelo and of course the author's videos.
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