Sometimes it is not good enough to do your best; You have to do what's Required... Photography: @theheadshotstore 📸 Location: @838mg Studio 📷
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The legend couldn’t have said it any better! Too often, actors substitute indication for feeling. It’s easier in a sense, but it looks cheesy on camera and it’s not very impressive. If you just choose an emotion then everything will fall in the right place without you having to indicate. In fact, you’ll end up surprising yourself because you are letting the emotion take you along in the scene instead of you choosing beats and being aware of everything you are doing in the scene. This exact reason is why actors need to train their emotional range!! Let Actors Ave Teacher @petronedoesitall help you assess where you are and push you to a level you didn’t even know was possible. 📩📩 Email for a free audit this month! Happy Birthday Robert De Niro! 🎉 What’s your favorite De Niro Movie❓❓ <<< • Actors Ave. Helping artists get to where they want to go. What street are you on? • >>>
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Open casting TVC GAME ONLINE Tgl 17-20 agustus 2017 Jam 11.00-17 WIB 1st ppm tgl 19 Fitting dan workshop tgl 21/22 final mitting tgl 23 Shoot tgl 25 Agustus Kriteria dibutuhkan: 1.PENYIAR TV NEWS usia 24-25 th. Cewe Pakaian sesuaikan sebagai pembaca Berita. 2.Anak mahasiswa/wi. Umur 17-20 th. Pan asia Nongkrong di Cafe. 3.Vocalis Band. Gondrong Brewokan Gak apa Bawa gitar listrik 4.weiters cowo. Pkaian waiters cafe usia 20/25 th 5.Karakter Lain nanti diluar dr board nya. pakaian casual trendi. More info & join us add: BBM: DAD1C836 LINE: @hxk0646t WA: 087786837477 #opencasting #infocasting #castingcall #castingtalent #castingiklan #castingsinetron #castingfilm #castinglayarlebar #castingFTV #castingrealityshow #infocastingterbaru #castingindonesia #shooting #Jobshooting #entertaimentid
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Open Casting Gerry Malkies cheese Tgl 18-20 Agustus 2017 Jam 12 siang - jam 6 sore Shooting Tgl 23 Agustus 2017 Lokasi shoot Jakarta Media TVC, Digital Dicari Supporting : 1.PEGULAT, ATLIT GULAT 2org umur 30-37th Look indonesia, oriental Wardrobe Baju Gulat, silahkan cari di google seperti apa modelnya. 2.Bapak dan Ibu muda umur 28-35th look indonesia, oriental, good looking Wardrobe Casual Rapih 3.Anak cowo 1 org umur 5-7th look indonesia, oriental, good looking Wardrobe Casual Rapih 4.Remaja cewe cowo SMP-SMA 2-3org umur 13-19th look indonesia oriental, good looking Wardrobe Casual trendy 5.Anak SD cowo cewe 3org Umur 7-8th look indonesia, oriental, good looking Wardrobe Seragam SD dan baju Casual rapih Noted: PASTIKAN MEREKA BELUM PERNAH KOMPETITOR Perhatikan wardrobe nya untuk casting More info & join us add: BBM: DAD1C836 LINE: @hxk0646t WA: 087786837477 #opencasting #infocasting #castingcall #castingtalent #castingiklan #castingsinetron #castingfilm #castinglayarlebar #castingFTV #castingrealityshow #infocastingterbaru #castingindonesia #shooting #Jobshooting #entertaimentid
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Actors Ave Student 👉🏼Gerald James 👈🏼 on @raydonovan ❗️❗️ Being on set is the gift that comes from the universe. Sometimes it's because of sheer luck, other times it's connections, and the best reason of them all is undeniable hard work. Once you get on set, you will be very excited and what you'll want is to stay on set. In order to do that, you need to get yourself in an EXTRAORDINARY acting class. This means your teacher should not be afraid to tell you when your scene really wasn't that good. This business can be harsh. Tough love is what you need for a real chance at success as an actor. If you are only getting positive feedback in class, and you aren't working...💡💡💡Think about it. Something isn't right. In order to grow you need to fail. And when you fail, you're going to want it to be in class NOT on an audition or on set. Take off the training wheels, it's time to play with the big kids! Class tonight at 7PM @iactingstudios 📽️ 📩📩📩 Email to audit! Audits are free this month - no excuses! ☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼 <<< • Actors Ave. Helping artists get to where they want to go. What street are you on? • >>>
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Clienta feliz, este clima esta perfecto para hacer un tratamiento permanente como cirugía capilar, keratina, o Botox. Y que mejor que hacerlo con #Royalbeuty que tiene excelente Promociones DILE ADIÓS AL PLANCHADO Y SECADO POR 6 meses un sueño no? #Royalbeauty te lo hace realidad AGENDA TÚ CITA❤️🏡🚗 luce in melena de en sueños🎀🎀🎀 nuestra bella @fabiromero910 es parte de #TeenRoyalbeuty - #Fashion #tampabay #modelstampa #modelbook #testmodel #unlocktampabay #tampaexchange #igersstpete #photographertampa #igertstampa #igers_Tampa #tampatalent #choosetampa #miami #miamiagencymodel #venezuelan #miamitalent #girls #love #pasion #runway #comingsoon #fashiongirls #newface #castingtalent #Studyofpose #hellotampa
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Dibutuhkan beberapa talent untuk FILM dan sinetron. 1.Need 2 cewek dan 1 cowok umur 19-25 thn, wajib goodlooking, dialog aman, good acting, utk (PPU) FILM HORROR. 2.Need cewek usia 15-17 tahun berpengalaman dan bs fighting buat Peran Utama (PU) sinetron baru. More info & join us add: LINE: @hxk0646t WA: 087786837477 #opencasting #infocasting #castingcall #castingtalent #castingiklan #castingsinetron #castingfilm #castinglayarlebar #castingFTV #castingrealityshow #infocastingterbaru #castingindonesia #shooting #Jobshooting #entertaimentid
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🎱 #showreel @dazvarlamova @nicole_melbourne
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