People tell me all the time 'oh my god Chardi you're so perfect, I wish I was you' but something I don't think they realise is that I'm just like them, I have imperfections too. When I was a kitten I got into a really bad cat fight and it resulted in this scar on my ear, and it's something I'm self conscious of every day. But putting that aside, I just wanna spread the message that you've gotta love yourself no matter what. As long as you believe you are perfect (which I do), then that's all that matters. 💕💕💕#bodypositivity
2 minutes ago
VödrösMacska 😂 Bezzeg a saját kuckóját magasról letolja 🙄🙈 #cat #cats #catsofinstagram #daily #dailycat #beautiful #babe
3 minutes ago
Die heutige seelische Unterstützung 🐱🙈 Bisher bestand mein Tag aus couching, ein brot futtern, viel Tee trinken, Netflix suchten und dösen 😴 Das nenne ich mal Wochenende 😁 Aber heute Abend geht's nach Köln und das lasse ich mir nicht nehmen 🙅🏽 Passiert eh viel zu selten, also, weiter tee trinken und die Gesellschaft geniessen 😅✨
20 hours ago
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