Kyrie two handed dunk against spurs 🔥
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Oh hey, @kingjames it was fun watching you play tonight! #basketball #bulls #cavs
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Kyrie cooking them🔥🔥
13 minutes ago
🙌🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. I’ll be smiling on the plane tomorrow morning headed to “MIAMI” back on Tour with “Pieces of a dream world tour” omg this is unreal. To see myself on the Jumbotron tonight in front of 25,000 plus people. At the NCAA WRESTLING TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONSHIP!! Like i said another one in the books!! Playing here tonight was unreal since college wrestling is one of my favorite sports. The CROWD WAS UNREAL!! Congrats to “Tariq Wilson” straight from “STUBENVILLE OHIO” who is a red shirt freshman from “N.C STATE who wasn’t seated and got 3rd place great job bro. Tonight was unreal. The roar was amazing. Not a lot of people can say they play in front of 25,000 then tomorrow In Miami it will be 60,000 people watching. I’m blessed. #ncaa #ncaawrestlingchampionships #ncaawrestling #cavs #cleveland #clevelandcavaliers #percussion #drums #percussionist @iamtariqwilson Swipe right. @ncstate @fostertrained
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Rate brons fit 1-10
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SuperDrew 👀 🔥 #UNCLEDREW
8 minutes ago
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