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We're all ready for the NODA II Regional Conference!! #ChargeOn #CSUDH #GoToros
1 hour ago
It’s not a goodbye, it’s an excuse to tailgate 🖤😏⚔️ #ChargeOn #AnotherFarewellTour #TheDogIsReplacingMe
6 hours ago
Happy bday lil bro! See you down here soon!
20 days ago
8 hours ago
Great night for some UCF Baseball ⚾️ #ChargeOn #UCF #playball
11 hours ago
It smells like a Friday in here. Happy weekend fam💃🏽💃💃🏻
12 hours ago
Here’s to starting Friday off the right way 🙌🏻🍻 Happy Hour 6-8PM ☀️ $2 Drafts 🍺 $4 Drinks 🍸 8-11PM 🌙 $3 Cuervo/3Olives #SaddleUpToSomething
12 hours ago
First dental appointment ✔️ She wouldn’t let them take X-rays, but that’s ok...we have a few (hundred) others from different docs we can share. 😜 Everything looks fine so far - no tooth has come in at the location of the alveolar cleft (a continuation in her cleft palate) and they said she may not have a tooth there at all, or, if she does, it may just be so out of place that we never see it. We talked about what dental and orthodontic procedures lie ahead for her, all in preparation for her bone graft to fix the cleft. 😔 Ugh. It is still many years down the road, but even the thought of it makes me cringe. Until then, “normal” 6 month check ups. Get used to this place Jacks, sounds like you’ll be seeing a lot of them. Add dentist (and orthodontist) to the list of Jackie’s specialists. Are there any we HAVEN’T seen? 🤔 #CHARGEon #specialneeds #specialneedslife #dentist #cleftpalate #cleftstrong #medicallycomplex #warrior #brave #stronggirl
12 hours ago
Decided to take my workout outside this morning ☀️ Photo Cred : @aucheythegreat
14 hours ago
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