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Another Terrible week of Predictions, Its like every team I want to win loses like Cmon!!! I really thought the Redskins would beat up the Niners but You have to respect the 49ers, Every L they took was within 7 Points, the team I was really High on this year, The Atlanta Falcons blew a 17-0 Lead losing to the Dolphins, The Playcalls were absolutely terrible, and the Dolphins put up a Tough Fight the Falcons couldn't stop, One of the Worst Calls I have ever Seen with the Touchback for the Jets, Thats was a Touchdown, atleast at the 1 Yard Line, These type of calls are what make the Patriots look like Cheaters, down 14-0 in the 2nd Quarter Brady pulled out a Comeback but I really did not think it was Fair, The Rams, lookin like the best Team on the Road in the Nfc, Best in their Division imo, beating the Jags in their own stadium even though it was close and was a Good game, Saints Embarrass the Lions on TV, Both their Points combined for 90 Total Points, Underestimated the Giants, and Eli Manning, Gotta give Eli props I have to remember hes the one that beat the 16-0 Pats in the Super Bowl, Broncos' looked bad no other way to say it honestly, Adrian Peterson lookin like his old self with over 140+ Yards and a Touchdown in his Cardinal Debut, Much better stats than his first 4 Games wit the Saints, Raiders Playcalling is Still the only Issue Im thinking for their Losses, Their Defense looks so much Improved, Still allowinh Big Plays, But Ranked #3 in RedZone Stops, Just their offense hasn't done its job last 4 Weeks, Them releasing their Offensive Coordinator for a Young Guy in Todd Downing is one of the worst Decisions they have done this season, But the Chargers defense needs some Love for stopping the Raiders in the Passing Area in getting 2 Interceptions Total #nfl #football #patriots #jets #falcons #dolphins #raiders #raidernation #chargers #losangeles #steelers #chiefs #nba #seahawks #broncos #giants #newyork
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Love your ENEMIES....even Raider fans #broncos #raiders #chargers #MyHillCity #denvercolorado
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