I've tried so hard to hide my pain and protect my children from everything that's happened because I was determined not to damage the relationship they had with their dad. Just because he messed up big time doesn't make him a bad dad - it just makes him a shitty husband! However, they knew something was wrong because I asked him to leave the house for a few days when I first found out. They've also heard me on the phone making reference to his lies (I didn't realise they were awake). My youngest (age 7) broke my heart yesterday when he said 'I'm watching you dad - I don't want you to lie to mum again and then have to leave. I want you and mum to be together.' It upset me so much and made me feel incredibly guilty. I want my children to look back on family life when they're grown up and remember the love, the laughter and the good times. I'm hoping that, in time, the memory of the last few months will fade and they'll realise how much their mum and dad love each other and them #affair #gettingoveranaffair #cheatinghusband #otherwoman #lies #marriage #betrayal #protectingthechildren #guilt
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My wife hides it for me because she is too ashamed to face public πŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠShe would rather hold it in than let everyone one know I cheatedπŸ€—πŸ€— Lucky me😝😝 #icangetawaywithit #cheating #cheatinghusband
10 hours ago
During the last few months, I've seriously considered hurting him the way he's hurt me - sleeping with someone else. But you know what, I couldn't do it. I wouldn't be able to live with myself. My husband has admitted that he's terrified of me doing the same to him. Is it really bad that I get a tiny bit of enjoyment from this? I rarely go out on my own, other than work / shopping, but I know that when I do, he'll spend every minute worrying about what I'm doing and who I'm with. Maybe that's his punishment... #affair #gettingoveranaffair #cheatinghusband #lies #otherwoman #Revenge #karma
1 day ago
I feel so bad sometimes - an intense anger builds up inside me and I become snappy and short-tempered with my husband over the smallest thing. I hate it when it happens because it's not me - it's like my subconscious wants to punish him and make him suffer. I know I need to get it under control because I'm not being fair. Just because he messed up in the worst possible way doesn't give me the right to treat him like that. This is why i get my thoughts and feelings out on here, in the hope that that will stop them from bubbling over into bitchy little comments. Please tell me I'm not alone in this? #affair #gettingoveranaffair #cheatinghusband #otherwoman #marriage #bitch #punish
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3 months ago
Relationships these days. Half these females out here playing wifey to a cheating dude because they can’t take of their self. #wifeygoals #getyourownlife #cheatinghusband #bumfemales #getajobbitch
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Nothing is weaker or smaller than the man who hurts women and children whether by his actions or by his words. __________________________________________________ #abuser #evil #violence #domesticviolence #cheaters #liars #cheatingisnotok #cheatinghusband #cheatingisnotalwaysphysical #secrets #otherchick #sidechick #dushbag #cheatingisnotamistake #victim #quotes #relationship #relationshipquotes #dontlietome #justgo #love #truelove #lovequotes
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