Rojava The Democratic Federation of Northern #Syria (#DFNS), commonly known as #Rojava, is a de facto autonomous region originating in and consisting of three self-governing regions in northern Syria, namely #Afrin Region, #Jazira Region and Euphrates Region. The region gained its de facto autonomy in #2012 as part of the ongoing Rojava conflict and the wider #SyrianCivilWar, establishing and gradually expanding an officially secular polity based on the democratic confederalist principles of democratic socialism, gender equality and ecological sustainability. Northern Syria is polyethnic and home to sizeable ethnic #Kurdish, #Arab, Syriac-#Assyrian and #Turkmen populations, with smaller communities of ethnic #Armenians, #Circassians and #Chechens. This diversity is mirrored in its constitution, society and politics. Despite such diversity, Rojava is regarded by Kurdish nationalists as Western #Kurdistan, one of the four parts of Greater Kurdistan alongside southeastern Turkey (Northern Kurdistan), northern Iraq (Southern Kurdistan) and northwestern Iran (Eastern Kurdistan). It is also considered by Assyrians as #Gozarto (meaning Upper #Mesopotamia), part of the historical Syriac-Assyrian homeland. While entertaining some foreign relations, the regions within Rojava are not officially recognized as autonomous by the government of Syria or any international state or organization. For their part, supporters of its constitution consider their system a model for a federalized Syria as a whole, rather than independence.
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