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Sometimes people ask me why my faith in God. And what about other religions. I am blessed to answer that person. To you and others who have that question: After all I'd seen, done, heard, debated and thought, a constant stirring of the Holy Spirit inside of me (from which I could not run) led me to the things of God. To Believers, to reading the Holy Bible, to experience holy revelation of things I did not understand, to learn to rest and trust in God as to those things I do not understand, or like. To a place of absolute faith that Jesus is the son of God and the path to my salvation, and the salvation of those who believe in Him. I live by faith, not by sight. The spirit of God is in me and I am in God. I could see you tomorrow, and you are mist compared to the God and Jesus I know. I wake and go to sleep in Jesus' arms. There is no problem I face that he has not resolved. He answers all of my prayers. My prayers are effective for what I want when my faith is strongest. Sometimes His answer is not my desire, but I trust that what happens is good -- because I turned it over to Him. He has worked in miraculous fashion in my life. Things unexplainable, except that I asked in faith. The Lord has protected, hid and covered me. Advanced me. Corrected and disciplined me. And when he does either, I am full of joy. I am full of joy when I suffer in His name! That's why I will overcome, and win all the time. Why peace, the peace of God, will always rule in my life. Darkness and evil have to submit to God. I live in a kingdom of light in which I would not expect anyone who is not here with me to understand. But Jesus! The door is open...and never shuts until the end of your days. But this is a relationship...that has to be wanted and nurtured. It is rooted in faith. I don't even know all religions. But whoever those religions worship (if they are not God/Jesus/and the Holy Spirit), they are lesser gods and things than the One I serve. P.S. God also is wise, and helps me daily . He is my help in unstable times. Fights my battles. Gives me strength against evil. I say to you that my faith is what I know. God's faithfulness. #faith #testimony #instagood #god #jesus
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My biggest @whole30 fear was that my precious morning coffee time would be ruined. I’m a vanilla flavored creamer kinda gal and I thought any substitute made from nuts or something else was just going to be a let down and ruin my morning me time. ◽️ BUT after a lot of practice and trial and error I’ve nailed down a coffee recipe that is rich, creamy and flavorful. It also keeps me full and energized throughout the morning! ▫️ Whole30 Cinnamon “Latte” ▫️Brew your coffee as you normally would. We love the @traderjoes dark roast whole beans. The price is great too! ▫️Pour your brewed coffee into a blender. We use a Ninja bullet, which is easy because you can blend your coffee and drink it all from the same cup. ▫️Add a teaspoon of coconut cream. We love the canned coconut cream from @traderjoes. It prevents the extra step of separating coconut cream from milk when you’re having a lazy girl/guy day 🤷🏻‍♀️ ▫️Add half a teaspoon of coconut oil. I found that this added step really improves the consistency and flavor of the coffee at the end. ▫️Add a dash of cinnamon (optional but adds a lot of flavor if you are used to flavored coffee like me). ▫️Blend it up❗️I can’t stress the importance of this step. Your coffee will come out with a thick, smooth, frothy, latte-like consistency. But ONLY if you blend it, stirring with a spoon doesn’t give the same effect whatsoever. ▫️ How do you like to drink your Whole30 coffee?? I love trying new variations! ☕️
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