#Repost @script.to.screen ・・・ Prisoners (2013) #MarkWahlberg and #ChristianBale were set to star, with #BryanSinger directing, but the two actors opted to make #TheFighter (2010) instead. Do you think the #film would be the same if #HughJackman and #JakeGyllenhaal didn't star in it? • Directed by: Dennis Villeneuve • Written by: Aaron Guzikowski #prisoners #denisvilleneuve #violadavis #pauldano #terrencehoward #scripttoscreen #script #screenplay #actor #cinephile
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The Boogens (1981), directed by James L Conway. I wasn't expecting a slip, but this copy I received from @diabolikdvd came with a slip! Very nice. #TheBoogens #JamesLConway #CreatureFeature #Horror #HorrorMovie #Movie #Film #Bluray #Slipcover #Collector #BlurayCollection #MovieCollection #Cinephile
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#thegreatestshowman Cast: #HughJackman #ZacEfron #Zendaya Regia: #MichaelGracey Genere: musical,drammatico,romantico Anno: 2017 Durata: 1h 46m A wonderful movie. It tells the story of a man who brings together all the strangest and most unique people and opens a circus to show them and make them appreciated by the whole world.It is set in the late 1900s or almost seen the racist behavior of many people in the film and the birth of the protagonist really existed.The purpose of the film is obviously to entertain and does it in a perfect way thanks to the wonderful songs and dances; but at the same time it makes us reflect, highlighting the behavior of people who do not accept change and do not accept in particular the "different / unique"..something that still happens in many parts of the world.As I said in a previous review, I do not like musical movies; but this leaves you speechless. The actors were spot on, especially Hugh Jackman protagonist, who as always makes his interpretations really good, but in this it is exceeded; moreover I found very much the interpretation of Zendaya, which, despite being so young, had a great impact on the scenes.The make-up and costumes are fabulous, made in every detail, making them almost like a museum. The 3D animation, even if it was not excessive, was made as it should be, even if I often managed to notice it, sins acceptable considering the style of the film. What to say .. A show for the eyes! My vote is 8.5 / 10 #movie #moviereview #moviedreams #cinema #cine #cinephile #filmcommunity #goodmovie #movietime #musical #cinematography #cinematographer #review
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Strength : Screenplay, Directing, Cinematography, Musical Score Actors Movie Rating : 8.4/10 Director : Alfred Hitchcock What we all should be indebted to Mr. Hitchcock for, aside from the immortal Psycho. Vertigo is an underrated hidden gem from the late 50s trove, that proves to be one of Hitchcock's greatest works. Holding the 61st spot of AFI's 100 greatest movies of all time, it bears one of the most unpredictable, startling twists ever constructed by a beckoning screenplay. It stars James Stewart as a retired vertigo stricken detective whose help was sought by a friend to discover what's behind the strange behavior of the friend's wife, Madeleine, who on the other hand behaves oddly resembling that of a reincarnation case of one Spanish local from centuries ago. The Oscar snubbed Cinematography, which whipped up amazing scenes that featured the minors and majors of San Francisco spots, symphonizes well with the film's endearing musical score as it follows  the film's mysterious premise, creating an entrancing cinematic experience. Inherent to its vintage nature, there are bits of protacted episodes which aren't that invasive enough to disrupt one's connection to the film. As an avid contemporary movie fanatic who is exposed to different film plots and wildcards i am surprised to find myself shocked and caught off guard by its midway slant and the unmanageable ending. If my description builds up that curosity in you, you should go and answer that cinematic call. This film is definetely worth your screening time. 👌😊#Vertigo #AlfredHitchcock #JamesStewart #film #films #filmreview #filmreviews #filmfestivals  #cinephile #filmnerd #filmgeek #cinephilecommunity #filmbuff #filmcritic #movie #moviejunkie #movienerd #moviefan #instamovie #instamovies #instafilm #instacinema #hollywood #movielover #moviebuff
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My thought process is similar.
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“A Spanish blonde”, Hollywood’s “blond, blue-eyed Latin” or “the girl with the most beautiful face in Hollywood”, lovely Anita Page (1910-2008) was also one of the last stars to emerge in the silent era. Born in Queens some modelling in her teens lead to her photo being discovered and with a friend, actress Betty Bronson’s help she was cast in a few bit parts in some minor Paramount films in NYC. Screen tests at Paramount and MGM in Hollywood were both successful but she signed with MGM making her debut as Haines leading lady in “Telling the World.” Making an immediate impression, “Our Dancing Daughters” with Crawford was a smash taking Crawford to the top. It also established Page as a potential star in her own right being requested by Chaney to costar in his “While the City Sleeps” and with Navarro in her final silent “The Flying Fleet.” Making her “talkie” debut in the musical blockbuster “The Broadway Melody” brought her into the sound era in one of the best. It also featured her theme song “You Were Meant for Me” written by future first husband songwriter Nacio Herb Brown. She then reprised it in the all star hit “The Hollywood Revue of 1929.” Without ever being the star of her films she hit in “Our Modern Maidens” and “Our Blushing Brides” with her least favourite costar Crawford. “Speedway”, “Navy Blues” and “Are You Listening?” with her favourite Haines. With Keaton in “Free and Easy” and “The Sidewalks of New York.” “Caught Short”, “Reducing” and “Prosperity” with Dressler. With an early Gable in “The Easiest Way”, the Gilbert flop “Gentleman’s Fate”, the interesting “Night Court”, “War Nurse” and “Skyscraper Souls.” Despite receiving the second most fan mail on the lot after Garbo MGM didn’t resign her. She said it was because she resisted the advances of Thalberg and Mayer. Retiring from the screen and married happily a second time she vanished until into her 80’s she returned for a couple of C grade films and to share her tales of Hollywood; like once being proposed to by Mussolini. Whether her versions were true a not, it was a truly unique story that could only have happened in Hollywood for this real life Norma Desmond.
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