#LornaDoesFilms - The Shape of Water 🌊🐠 I love films, all kinds of films, but I’ve never seen a Guillermo Del Toro film, until this week. I was attracted by the trailer - the old 40s music, the love story (no matter how unconventional, and this one is definitely unconventional) - it all looked like the kind of movie I’d enjoy. Set in the 60s, the film follows Elisa, a janitor at a research facility who also happens to be mute. She lives alone, she has only two friends to be seen (one a colleague and the other, Giles, an older gay man who lives next door) and she has a set life-routine she seems quite happy with. When the amphibian man arrives at the facility, Elisa is curious and quite taken, and the story ensues. The only word I could think of to describe this movie was ‘gentle’ - the soundtrack, the characters (mostly) - all gentle. It was not the best film I’ve ever seen, it wasn’t the best film I’ve seen this year, but I enjoyed it. When the ‘Elisa-dances-with-the-fish-man’ scene came along, people in the screening giggled. It was one of my favourite scenes - it was just a lovely moment of insight into Elisa’s desires. Visually, it’s a beautiful movie and it’s encouraged me to go watch Pan’s Labyrinth, one of Del Torro’s other most famous films. A solid ⭐️⭐️⭐️’s.
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Finally getting to see #blackpanther tonight this is going to be awesome 👍🏻 #blackpanther #cineworldcinemas #mcu #marveluniverse #instafilm #chadwickboseman
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Absolutely loved this film and had a great night catching up with @donna87 #theshapeofwatermovie #cinema #cineworldcinemas #unlimitedcard
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Finally..... I get my new cinema upgrade from @cineworld for having been an unlimited member for a year, an upgrade from my Red Unlimited to now being a Black Unlimited, thank you @cineworld and Rock on 🤘 #cineworldcinemas #cineworldbirminghambroadstreet #cineworldsolihull #cineworldunlimitedblackcard #cineworldunlimited #onlyonelee #peaceandlove✌️
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Valentines date with @zakattack1801 #cineworldcinemas #blackpanther
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