I’m 100% guilty. I’m sitting here scrolling through my iPhone pictures, realizing I took a picture of a picture on my computer screen! I just did something I tell my clients not to do every day. This picture has been sitting on my phone and desktop for MONTHS! Why have I not printed this beautiful picture of my daughter and I? Because I’m a procrastinator. And I know this about myself. If I don’t do it right then and there, it more than likely will not get done. Personally, not for business of course. 😉 So please, do not fall victim like I have to procrastination. 😩
16 minutes ago
First Jesus. And then the oils🌿 How pretty is this bottle I found today?!
16 minutes ago
One of the benefits of feeling so sick and not being able to do as much is sitting down and actually cleaning out my crazy camera role. Found this little gem hiding in there 💞
17 minutes ago
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