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“I am watching all the other guys doing and I’m sitting on a couch being a looser” -Johnny Manziel- Johnny Football seems very sad about how his career ended. But in his mind it could possibly not be over. Manziel is looking for his own #comebackszn and return to the NFL. “I know I want to get back on a football field to what brought me so much joy in my life and it makes me so happy” -Johnny Manziel- #comebackszn #johnnyfootball #nfl #footballshuffle #browns #pickitup #johnnymanziel
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#ComebackSZN @jmanziel2
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3 days ago Tim Lincecum held a private showcase to 20-25 scouts of about 15 teams, his fastball was around 92-93 mph average and his curveball and slider have more movement, but some scouts said he took too long to warm up to pitch about 20 pitches and it wasn't a simulated inning or against a batter, he just pitched to a catcher, our GM Bobby Evans said we'll try to sign him depending on the market value so that we don't go over the luxury tax, although the sample was small I hope we can at least invite Timmy to Spring Training as our 5th rotation spot is a question mark and Cueto and Moore were extremely lackluster last year while Bum was out, let's make it happen, I want the Freak back #Giants #giantsnation #sf #sfgiants #sanfrancisco #sanfranciscogiants #timlincecum #thefreak #timmy #comebackszn #55
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Catch me dropping in at Tilted Towers #ParkerStrong #comebackszn #HalftimeJuul
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#comebackszn @jmanziel2
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Awesome ride today to Texas Motor Speedway! Rode a few laps around the grounds then rolled up to the gate and they let me on the infield! What a beautiful day to ride. #exploreyourstate #comebackszn
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I’m not trying to prove anyone wrong. I’m just trying to prove myself right.🎒 #ComeBackSZN
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we so beast we should be in the olympics💜💪🏻 #comebackszn
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I think #johnnymanziel is an interesting character because of his legendary status at #texasm The way he played and the way he lived his life in college was epic. Definitely loved the playboy life that angered many. He could never bring that legendary status to the NFL but he’ll always be #johnnyfootball. Now he’s trying to make a comeback #comebackszn this spring at the #texasspringfootballleague good luck @jmanziel2 #art #caricature #peanutcharacters #draw #inkart #texasaggies #texasart
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28 days post Quinn, the body does amazing things. Doing CrossFit through my entire pregnancy was the best thing I could have done for Quinn and I. #crossfitpregnancy #comebackszn
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