It was Wonderful Winter Day in #Compton !!!
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By far, best year ever for #rapsessions We met mad new Artists this year, let go of some baggage, secured new sponsors, had rappers fly from outta town to rock our stage, we got a new stage built (thanks Cea) we had celebrity guest, did a session n Vegas, linked up with a tribe from D.C., went to South Africa to spread the wave, helped everybody involved level up more than a few times, destroyed #LosGlobos and proved how potent these #vibes are, and we got females involved with the development of @rapsessions Yesterday 12/17/17 we made a serious attempt to do the first ever #kidsonly #cypher and it almost went smoothly, but i had to remember they kids. At age 8, 9, 10, & 11, Years old, these kids got me really thinking about sponsoring a few writers workshops and actually coaching them thru how to rap. It was about 5 kids that really had the enthusiasm, energy, interest, and love for rapping. When it came time to perform, that self consciousness and rapping ability came into play and they had to reevaluate the approach. I learned so much from these kids and the community yesterday. Thank you again @snangels for giving us a real chance to help you change the #Hubcity #2018 #wetakingover #grassroots #glowup #onelove #compton #90221 #merrychristmas
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Kendrick Lamar : DAMN. (TDE, red, 2017) 🎼💥🚨 || #6 AOTY || As a kid I was really tone-deaf and ignorant to the impact of hip hop in the 80's and 90's. I knew you had THE icons like #Tupac, #Biggie, #Nas, #Outkast etc. and I've grown to love some of their masterful records, but to these ears none of these hip hop stars put out *three* straight up classics in a row. I dunno maybe Outkast did. But I know #KendrickLamar did exactly that - #GoodKidMaadCity, #ToPimpaButterfly, and now this year's #DAMN, are all untouchable. I feel like I'm living some of that golden era hip hop now. TPAB made me respect #KungFuKenny, but DAMN. made me love him. And speaking of; "LOVE." is my favourite song of the year it's just gorgeousness. || . . #Vinyl #GaydarVinyl #RecordCollection #VinylIGClub #VinylCollection #CrateDiggers #Analog #Compton #Damn #LosAngeles #Rihanna #U2 #Bono #TopDawgEntertainment
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