A day of firsts. I also made #congee for lunch, super duper simple, with a poached egg. I didn’t have the fixings I would have liked, shiitake and green onion... but I could get down with this.... #rice #eggs #lunchtime #mealtime #eatbetter
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14 minutes ago
"Don't be so dim. Come to dim sum." 🍙 #DimSumTime #LaterGram
52 minutes ago
First attempt making Dakjuk 닭죽 (aka congee, hook, rice porridge). ❤️🇰🇷😋🍽️
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2 hours ago
When was your last fig? Pistachio? Cardamom? Get some variety with overnight slow cooked breakfast. Eating a wide range of grains, fruits, spices, and healthy fats is so easy, gives you a wide variety of nutrients, and keeps your taste buds happy too.
3 hours ago
I want all the spicy, warm, brothy, savory foods around. I’ve had a cold on and off for the past 2+ weeks and it’s gotta go! 86! Friends, what’s your favorite go-to when sick? This congee at Anju yesterday was beautiful and seemed quite delicious, although I couldn’t really taste it 🤦🏻‍♀️
4 hours ago
ยามเช้าหนาวๆแบบนี้ โจ๊กหมูร้อนๆขอไข่ลวก2ฟองนะ (สามีขอ) ปาท่องโก๋นี่พอถ่ายรูปเสร็จเฮียโป๊ะปาท่องโก๋เต็มชาม😁 Homemade Chinese Congee with Ground Pork and Eggs 🍲🥚🥚🍳 #porkcongeewitheggs #congee
5 hours ago
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