*Update* - Jack has returned home. My dog Jack went missing from my Mom’s backyard this morning between 6-9am. He’s a 13 year old black #Pug. He’s missing from the #Visalia, #California area cross streets of #Conyer & #Iris near #MtWhitneyHighSchool. If you see him, contact me or the #ValleyOakSPCA Thank you. @valleyoakspca
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The Lincoln Bedroom Politicians and Hollywood elites are being fingered in a variety of sexual misconduct issues. If you haven't heard any of this, then you live under a rock. New names are being dredged from the muck every day, and barring nuclear war, this will continue for months. The flavor of the week seems to be Al Franken, simply because he won't go away. Next week will be 'The Conyer Show', and I expect that will add some new twists: dead interns. Young interns are easy prey for these dirtbag politicians, similar to the easy pickins of the young actors in Hollywood who end up on Harvey Weinstein's worn-out couch. I think President Trump's tweet in reference to former congressman Joe Scarborough's aide, Lori Klausutis, will ultimately end Morning Joe's career and latest marriage. The medical examiner in that case recently found himself in hot water again, this time for not properly disposing of human body parts (personal storage units are not the proper place for human organs). With just a little pressure, this doctor will crack and explain why he didn't put Lori's time of death on the report. Next, we will find out why Joe gives his ex-wife $30,000 per month to keep quiet. So what does this have to do with the Lincoln Bedroom? In 1992, Bill Clinton began rewarding donors, friends, and family with 'a night in the Lincoln Bedroom'. This 'A-list' includes several people under scrutiny at this time. This is the list that investigators should begin scrutinizing. It's posted online. In 1997, the Clintons were forced to publish the list. I'm betting on Tom Hanks. #clinton #hillary #lincolnbedroom #pedophile #democrat #hollywood #weinstein #scarborough #morningjoe #conyer #joescarborough
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hafif kamber.. Cant 5 cm disarda .... Surtme ziplama sıkıntisi.. capraz gecmeler.. zevk aldigim tek sey bunlar daha ne isdeyim😋😎🤣 #corci #Conyer . #opel .#Doludolu #Hatasiz . #farzetki
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Y’all are all invited! JDE’s 8th Annual Holiday Show! 12/17/17 Location: Newton HighSchool Doors open @4pm tickets on sale $10 @jenaesdanceexperience #happyholidays #atlanta #conyer #covington #lithonia #stonemountain #show #dance
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Para önemli Degïl Önemli olan Kalitemiz Artsin 😉😎 #Corsad #Hatasiz #farzetki C>iiiizzzz #Conyer
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A few informal #appetizers b4 the grand #feast...oops, except the dish on the bottom, lol! A few #snacks for Tico, the #sun #conyer 💛 #rewardyourtastebuds
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