It was a great morning down at Toronto police headquarters meeting some pretty amazing people. It is official with fingerprints done, background check and a badge to wear now. I am the police liaison for 53 division in our ward if you have any concerns on criminal or suspicious activity. I know this week has been incredible with the interest and feedback I’m getting from some of the events these past few weeks. This community is amazing and we will push forward working together to #besafe, #beaware, and #communicate! #torontopoliceservice #cpl #fascinating
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Unleashed & Uncorked: Pups & Private Eyes is less than two months away! On Saturday, May 19, at @peopleslight Theatre, our doggie detectives, Alice and Bingo, are taking on the murder case of Malcolm Mutts and they need your help with this thrilling investigation. There will be approximately six teams with 15 detectives each which means limited spots are available to participate in the murder mystery so purchase your tickets today! Click the link in our profile to purchase tickets.
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My overdue fines paid for this. Yes I know there's other options. #yyc #cpl #calgarypubliclibrary #mast #architecture #futuristic #books
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I miss those ppl days! I was telling someone just yesterday why I loved flying in America. It felt like I just hopped on my little personal #cessna152 and flew! It did need a lot of planning though. It wasn’t all that simple. So this is how it happened. I would book the aircraft. We had an application on our phone where we could do that. We made a flight plan. We had a cool app for that as well! #foreflight ! Checked for weather. (You guessed it! On the same app!!) Checked winds at the altitude we wanted to fly at. Calculated our fuel. Got a sign off from the instructor. Opened our flight plan with the weather briefer and away we went. Whew! A lot of work huh? • • I loved flying alone. During the 100 hour cross country which was part of my Dgca requirement, I visited beautiful cites along the coast of Florida. Inland some of them. But flying along the coast was my favourite. The sea on one side and clouds inland on the other. Crossed #classbairspace ‘s. Landed number one behind jets sometimes. Drank chocolate milk at different #fbo ‘s 😜 “Shooting” #ils ‘s #vor ‘s #rnav ‘s (lol I’m so going to be teased for saying this!) It’s so beautiful up there! • • 100 hours. Solo. ❤️❤️ We really don’t have to read fairy tales to believe in magic. There’s plenty here in our lives! #lifeismagic • • • • • • #nostagia #skies #sky #floridacoast #ppl #privatepilotlicense #cpl #aviation #aviationpic #aviate #girlpilots #femalepilot #avgeek #avgeeks #aircraft #flighttraining #plane #instaplane #planelovers #aviationphotography
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#Repost @oficialcpl (@get_repost) ・・・ La jornada de mañana quedó oficialmente reprogramada para el próximo martes 27 de marzo en el Estadio La Piedrita de Montalban. Están cordialmente invitados ¡Talento sí hay! #CPL #Prospects #Talento #Beisbol
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Recebemos o atleta @lksfer Lucas Ferreira aqui na Unidade do Instituto Trata de Ribeirão Preto, realizamos a avaliação de força e cinemática mostrando os pontos à serem melhorados para o próximo desafio dele que será a Maratona Internacional de Porto Alegre! Boa sorte Lucas, parabéns pelo empenho e dedicação, estaremos juntos nessa empreitada! #institutotratarp #corridaderua #run #esporte #42km #maratona #quadril #joelho #CPL
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