#brickcityboxing ....Back in the day.....2 young bucks... #brickcityd #thefightlawyer talking to @paulmalignaggi about some pre fight tactics. Even then as a young kid he was always a student of boxing with a fast mind, who was called the Magic Man because he always found a way to win no matter what Now for.... #mayweathermcgregor #floydmayweatherconormcgregor due to recent developments, we have to question #danawhite and #connormcgregor 's intentions. Instead of honoring both sides agreement to keep everything on the DL until the fight, they rush to post #mcgregor landing some shots and #paulie falling to the canvas after punches but clearly more from a push down/trip/exhaustion at the end of 20 rounds of sparring (12th the 2nd day) So you lose your best sparring partner who without a doubt would have proven to be an invaluable resource in preparing you for Floyd more than anyone there....why? #pauliemalignaggi has always been a stand up guy with major balls, has always overcame huge obstacles and is a master at breaking down fights, and just by going to help Conor right away, not in top shape, straight from the flight with no excuses and agreeing to box the 20 rounds out of the gate #conor #dana and the #ufc guys knew that without a doubt ..... Releasing this video (Well the 20 seconds of the end) is clearly #danawhites attempt to show that #Conor belongs in a boxing ring with a world class boxing former champion and an attempt to give the fight more credibility (mostly to people who dont know shit about any kind of fighting) He did well for 20 seconds of 60 minutes in the 20th and final round working with #paulie after he came off the couch and a 12 hour flight to help out. Sounds like convincing the public the fight isn't a joke is a lot more important to #dana and #conormcgregor than utilizing your best resources and giving yourself every chance you can to be competitive or have a chance to win with #floydmayweather #floydmoney
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#800 so proud of you brotha! You deserve this win! All the hard work & dedication! @jmarquezmma @Regrann from @beastmanmma - My boy slept him with a head kick - #regrann #MMA #DanaWhites #Contender #UFC #FightNight #SyndicateMMA
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@zulunation215 steps back in the cage July 11th on #DanaWhites new #ContenderSeries airing live @UFCFightPass @MPREndurance #vegas #ufc #mma‬ @ufc
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