Woooow. Just wrapped up an amazing premiere of #SorryToBotherYou. Major shoutout to our brilliant director & writer @bootsriley, who brought this beautiful & thought-provoking vision to life. And to our phenomenal cast @lakeithstanfield3 @tessamaethompson @stevenyeun @omarihardwickofficial @terrycrews #DannyGlover! #StayMACRO #Sundance18
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Loving how we reppin’ Sundance in 2018! - - #Repost @blackfilm_com ・・・ Premiering tonight at #sundancefilmfestival is #bootsriley first written-directed feature, #sorrytobotheryou starring #lakeithstanfield #tessathompson #armiehammer #terrycrews #stevenyeun #omarihardwick #jermainefowler #dannyglover
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Support Taraji Y’all... Proud Mary was out of her pocket... Support... Support...!!! #blackmovies #blackactress #tarajiphenson #jahiwinston #billybrown #dannyglover #blackactors I saw it twice...!!! Four tickets total...!!
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MOVIE REVIEW: January is a notorious dumping group for bottom-of-the-barrel movies. Every so often, a good one sneaks through the early-year cesspool, so, could #ProudMary be that good January film? Unfortunately, it's not. We love #TarajiPHenson, but she deserves so much better than a piss-poor vehicle like this where her talents are stifled, not flourished. While this movie is super short in its runtime, director #BabakNajafi still found a way to screw the proverbial pooch in more ways that one with this far too melodramatic, disjointed, disorganized, gap-filled, underwhelming mess that has no thrills and is not nearly badass enough. Since #Sony barely marketed #ProudMaryMovie, the question becomes: did the studio have no faith in it because it was bad, or is it bad because the studio never had any faith in it in the first place? We guess we'll never know. Our rating: 3/10! #moviereview #lololovesfilms #cinephile #cinephilecommunity #DannyGlover #BillyBrown See the FULL REVIEW by clicking the link in our @lololovesfilms bio/profile above, or visit us on the blog here: http://bit.ly/LoloPROUDMARY
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"Cause if she pretty then watch it, cause I'mma be fuckin' ya wife" 🤷🏽‍♀️🔥💯 #nickiminaj #queenofrap #teamminaj #Barbz #KenBarbz #YoungThug #DannyGlover #Remix
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#Actor Danny Glover arrives to the 49th NAACP Image Awards where he was honored #dannyglover #naacpimageawards #celebrity #movies #moviestar #hollywood #awardsshow #redcarpet #redcarpetimages #photogaaronj
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Proud Mary Movie Review: To begin, I really like this new genre of hitman and hitwoman action flicks that have been coming out recently. John Wick was an absolute blast and Atomic Blonde while overly complicated was a very fun action thriller. By the trailer, Proud Mary looked like another fun hitwoman action flick with a good soundtrack and main character to really differentiate itself from other action films. Proud Mary is a surprisingly boring and generic action film that wastes a good lead character and interesting setup on a generic plot that lacks any real tension or surprises. To explain, the story of this film follows hitwoman Mary who after killing a target, takes in the son of her target after he gets involved with the Russian Mafia. In addition, this film barely has any action sequences within its brief hour and half runtime. The only truly interesting and gory action sequences take place in the very beginning and ending of the film. The problem is that there was never any real tension or suspense when anyone is shooting at the main characters. Otherwise, Proud Mary uses a lot of unnecessary dialogue scenes and generic villains to fill out the rest of its runtime. The only dialogue scenes that somewhat work are between Mary and the teen she adopts played by Jahi Di’Allo. Taraji P. Henson gives a very good performance as Mary even though her character is not in a very interesting plot. Otherwise, everyone in this film is either overacting to an extreme or simply not very interesting such as Danny Glover as Mary’s crime boss Benny. Lastly, the movie is at least short and never really drags on too long from scene to scene. Overall, Proud Mary is a very boring and uninteresting action film that wastes a couple of good action sequences and a great lead character on a generic story that never has any real tension or surprises. I’m gonna give Proud Mary a 4.5 out of 10. #movienight #moviereview #proudmary #tarajiphenson #dannyglover
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