When guildwars2/Skyrim/darksouls merge and throw in an awkward appearing sledge. Middle phase of project.. onto to boots, cloak/groin cloth refinements, then paint. #medievaltimes #medieval #skyrim #darksouls #guildwars2 #costume #cosplayersofinstagram #cosplay #cosplayer #eva #foam
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For todays Cosplay to character comarison is crossbreed Pricilla from Dark Souks So this is one of my "havent finished" cosplays. I made this all by hand in less than a month... I hurried to get this done for pax south real bad. Planning to finish her. But still one of my warmest cosplays! #cosplaytocharactercomparison #cosplay #cosplayer #koiykeuchiha #crossbreedpricilla #darksouls #darksoulscosplay #pricillacosplay #halfdragonwoman #scythe
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In presence of the moon nobody sees stars. 🌕🌖🌗🌒🌑 #dark #darksouls #night
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Some old art when i was good at drawing on my phone #darksouls #darksouls3 #darksoul2 #art
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Right now its 11pm, in an hour its our anniversary. This past year has been amazing and so was dinner tonight. Happy almost anniversary to the love of my life
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safe to assume he's been roaming the world killing literally every last living human to complete the dark soul inside himself and deliver it to the painter. you fight him in the distant future right as he's completing this task, and he's confused how you're still around after so long. you and him are the last 2 pieces of the dark soul and you complete the dark soul by killing him. as for why he's fighting, he's basically immortal for reasons (been around since gwynn) and he's probably been murdering people and consuming their souls for like 100 years straight at the point where you fight him, he barely remembers why hes killing and probably operating on impulse at that point. you remind him a little at phase 2 but he's a long-gone killing machine possessed by the raw unfiltered darkness in man.>he's completing the new painting as a cycle to create new worlds >to escape the outside world's cycle without all the suffering that comes with the undead curse >he tries to find another undead champion who shares his unbreakable will >someone who will eventually complete the task >goes on a journey to piece the dark soul together >finds out the pigment of the dark soul holders is all dried up >plan b is to become it's container >you're there to make sure the painter gets the pigment to make a new home >"You will thank me when it's done..." #darksouls #darksouls1 #darksouls2 #darksouls3 #bloodborne
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TONIGHT!! @the_bigblackgalactic record release and arcade night! 7 PM, $10 suggested donation at the door. Don't miss it!
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