He’s a manager’s dream,” Gerrard said. “He gets in 99 per cent of any team in the world because any manager would want him. “He’s always available, he’s robust. It seems like he’s so professional as well. “He’s a fantastic player.” #Cesar #CFC #DAVE #Chelsea
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Isabelle got to have her class mascot Dave the Woodpecker over the Half Term holiday. She was so excited to take him on our adventures and the whole family got involved and enjoyed it! Projects like this are my favourite kind of homework thing to do with the girls, I know they’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but we really enjoy this type of thing. Dave went everywhere with us and collected some souvenirs! We were sad to send him back yesterday, but Melissa and I really enjoyed helping Isabelle put her pictures in his book. Colin helped Isabelle type out what she wanted to say and she cut all her words out to put in. We all thought the finished pages were pretty cool! ❤️ #dave #davethewoodpecker #woodpecker #classmascot #mascot #scrapbook #homework #schoolwork #project #schoolproject #fun #family #familytime #familyfun #adventures #daysout #halfterm #schoolsout #schoolholidays #daughter #beautifuldaughter #mom #momlife #mommy #mommylife #mum #parentlife #parenting #parenthood #our_everyday_moments
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Golden boys 👑 x 4 #ITTD
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Dave, Loyle Carner, Stormzy + J Hus at the Brit Awards 📸 @stormzyofficial
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#Dave Hughes Snorkling Comedy Show #gardenifunearthlydelights #davehughes
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💙OPEN JOHNDAVE RP♥️ I NEED GIRLSSSS ;-; [Open for John, though you can be Dave if you can figure out how to respond... sorry, I didn't add a John part] ▫️ 💙♥️ It was taking way too long for Dave to get John to go out with her. John had always insisted that she wouldn't be into other girls, but Dave couldn't accept that. Maybe if she believed it she would have backed off, but she had witnessed on many, /many/ occasions John fangirl and squeal over cute anime and game girls, not only that but she'd openly admitted to wanting to date one of them! Yeah, no. She was definitely into ladies. Dave just had to woo her. Sweep her off of her feet. Be her knight in shining armor. All of that nonsense. Nothing had ever worked before, though. She had flirted with John and even straight up gave her an obvious hint of liking her, but everything went straight over her head! She figured at this point she would have to be upfront and direct with her... Dave had invited John over for a movie night. It wasn't uncommon, but this definitely wasn't going g to be like other movie nights... Dave had to make a move. After about a half hour of their shitty movie passed, Dave scooted a bit closer to John and placed her hand on top of her thigh, waiting for what would happen next... ▫️ 💙♥️ #homestuck #homestuckau #homestuckrp #au #rp #roleplay #homestuckroleplay #homesmut #homesmutrp #kikizrpz #dave #strider #davestrider #john #egbert #johnegbert #johndave #johndaverp #yurikikizrpz #kikizfavz
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Dad loves us! We couldn’t wait to run away again mind! We only love him because he feeds us! #donsteven #dave 🇵🇹🐱 #catsofinstagram
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♥️OPEN DAVEKAT RP♋️ Demonstuck gebderbeeeend... hell ye. I wanted to post a pic of Dave but finding a demon female Dave Strider... impossible. [Open for either] ▫️ ♋️♥️ Dave had always kept her distance from Karkat, but she also always stayed close by. She watched her, even protected her most of the time but never showed herself. She was almost like a guardian angel. Well... except for the fact that she was the complete opposite and she was supposed to be trying to feed off of Karkat rather than fall in love with her. She couldn't help it, alright? Yeah, she tried once, but the second she approached Karkat at the bar she got almost clammy. Not to mention that the magic she was using to mask her demonic aura was draining her energy, too. She... didn't attempt to talk to Karkat after that. She did watch, though, always anticipating the right moment to talk to her... Recently, she'd been letting her presence be known. She stopped hiding her aura, which she didn't realize would probably feel... unpleasant. She'd show herself more often, but always from a distance. She'd leave little notes on her door, but obviously never anything creepy. She didn't want to come off as stalker-ish. There was no way that Karkat could forget her encounter with Dave. She was so... awkward? It was almost cute. It was weird, though... Sometimes she thought she saw Dave in the grocery store or across the street, but every time she looked back she was gone. Karkat almost thought she was a ghost, but that couldn't be true... Karkat slowly developed a small crush on the person who'd been writing her little letters. She couldn't figure out who it was, though... someone from work? That was the likely answer. A part of her felt a little uneasy, though, as if she were being watched. That feeling was Dave's aura. Karkat was definitely freaking out... It felt like there was something demonic around, but the part that freaked her out was the fact that she didn't /feel/ like she was in any danger. [PROMPT CONTINUED IN COMMENTS] ▫️ ♋️♥️ #homestuck #homestuckau #homestuckrp #roleplay #homesmutrp #kikizrpz #dave #strider #davestrider #karkat #karkatvantas #davekat #demonstuck #yurikikizrpz #kikizfavz
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